How to send emails larger than 25 MB directly from Gmail


Emailing attachments is something we do almost every day. Something very simple and what we’re used to.

25 MB directly from Gmail

But what if we want to send documents that weigh more than 25 MB? Yeah, this situation causes more than a headache.

It’s true that there are some ways to accomplish our mission when we find ourselves in this annoying scenario, but it’s also true that these solutions are a bit desperate: either you have to separate the files and send several emails or use a third party service to do it.

But don’t worry, we have a much more effective and faster method. And from Gmail itself.

Directly from Gmail

With the following trick you can attach and send emails larger than 25 MB and weighing up to 15 GB directly from Gmail.

The secret lies in the integration with the Google Drive service. By taking advantage of this option, you can send files, documents, images, videos or whatever you want.

If you have a larger paid storage plan with Google Drive, you can attach and send files up to 1TB.

Follow these steps to insert Google Drive files from Gmail:

In Gmail click ‘Compose’.

At the bottom of the mailbox, select theGoogle Drive icon

Find the file you have previously saved on Google Drive and select it

Click on the ‘Insert’ button at the bottom left.

At that time, your file will be attached to the body of the email so you can send it and the sender will receive a link to download it (because it exceeds 25 MB). Please note that you can select and send multiple files in a single email, as long as they do not exceed your storage limit for your Google Drive account.

The only types of files you won’t be able to share are executables, such as .exe, for example, because Gmail wants to prevent the spread of different types of viruses that are housed in these extensions.

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