4 daddy’s tips to calm baby’s crying

Calming the baby’s crying

When a baby starts crying, parents don’t always know how to calm him or her down. These parents have their own technique, and they reveal their secret on video.

Do you feel helpless when your baby starts crying? You still don’t know why your baby is crying so hard, and you have many questions.

infant crying

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Are you hungry? Are you suffering from anything? Is there a problem? Don’t worry, crying is a way for children to communicate with you and express themselves.

Sometimes they just need to be reassured, calmed down. And if it’s not always enough to hold them, watch videos of parents who have a lot of imagination to calm their newborn babies.

Everyone has their own technique, but the result is surprising. The proof is in the photos:

Calm your baby with a shirt worn by his mother.

In this video, this young father tries to calm his baby by giving him the mother’s shirt. As soon as the child smells it, he immediately stops crying, and takes the shirt in his arms, like a teddy bear.

In fact, the smell of the mother seems to instantly calm this newborn. And it’s well known that when a child grows up, during the first separations (entering daycare or kindergarten for example), mothers often tend to slip into their scarf so that their child doesn’t feel completely alone.

Do a baritone voice and keep the note.

If you have a deep voice, it’s good for you! You could use it to put your newborn baby to sleep. The trick? Keep the note as long as possible, like an opera singer.

That’s what this young dad does with his child as soon as he starts crying his eyes out, and the result is a bluff. An “oooohmm” is enough to calm the child, as if he were hypnotized by his baritone voice.

Dancing with your baby in your arms

Children like to be rocked, it usually calms them down. This father chose to rock his baby in his own way, taking him in his arms and dancing with him.

A kind of waltz that puts you to sleep in a minute! Don’t hesitate to sing a little lullaby at the same time to help him calm down.

Imitate their screams

This parent’s technique consists of screaming as much as their newborn baby, and imitating all their sounds. It is not certain that this unusual method will always work, as the child needs to be calmed down. But this newborn seems to enjoy this strange exchange.

Our advice: to calm your crying newborn, start by checking the diaper, the nipple, the feeding time… to determine the reasons for your crying.

If all is well, play soft tunes (preferably the ones you heard during pregnancy), hold him in your arms to gently rock him and create a serene atmosphere in his room.

Don’t hesitate to talk to him, sing to him, massage him, give him caresses and all kinds of gestures that can calm him down.

For the first few months, you can also lay him on the side of your heart (he heard the beating for 9 months and this will calm him down). And above all, stay calm, because don’t forget that your child feels your anxiety.

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