Vacations should not be synonymous with debt. Many think that to enjoy them with family and friends requires a great economic sacrifice, but this is not the case.

If we decide to take a trip, there are ways to minimize costs. Likewise, if we decide to stay at home, there are ways to make the most of our stay at home.


Whether it is to undertake a trip on a limited budget or to vacation at home in a fun way, planning is the most important thing. So here are some tips to help you take care of your personal finances without sacrificing your peace of mind or entertainment.

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  1. Tips to minimize costs on a trip
    1. Tips to make the most of your vacation at home
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Tips to minimize costs on a trip

● Budget all your expenses in a detailed way. You can consider aspects such as the place and days to rest, food, lodging, transportation and entertainment.

We recommend that you divide your assigned budget by the number of days to be spent. For example, if you will stay 7 days and your budget is 700 for food, you will spend 100 days for food.

● Quote several options and choose the best offers. Develop the habit of researching deeply. Don't settle for internet advertising, ask your friends and look for similar options.

● Consider the cost of insurance, such as car, travel and medical. These insurances are indispensable in vacations in case of some unforeseen event. Keep in mind that in some countries health services are extremely expensive for tourists.

● Take advantage of free places for recreation. In Mexico, for example, we can find a great variety of parks and natural attractions, museums, libraries, architectural buildings, among others. Free walking tours have become the new trend among travelers arriving in the State of Mexico.

Tips to make the most of your vacation at home

● Prepare innovative recipes A vacation at home is the perfect opportunity to create new habits. If cooking was never your thing, this is the ideal occasion to give it a try.

Cooking for pleasure is a totally different experience from doing it out of necessity. Look for new recipes on the internet, call some friends and start a new experience.

● Marathon of favorite series and movies Technology allows us to have a home theater. Streaming platforms are a range of options for adults, teenagers and children.

In addition, there are technological devices that create the perfect environment to live the whole experience. If you don't have a smart TV, an HDMI cable from your laptop to the TV is enough.

Similarly, if you do not have a sophisticated sound system, you can use portable speakers. Some portable speakers reach 108 decibels, so you can get the surround sound of a movie theater without paying an entrance fee.

● Turn your bathroom into a spa. A day at the spa at home will allow you to disconnect from hectic schedules and return to a renewed routine. Buy exfoliating salts and aromatizers, wear a comfortable suit and prepare yourself a cold drink. Don't forget to play your favorite music and enjoy your company.

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