How to do abdominal breathing exercises at home


Doing abdominal breathing exercises will help you stay in shape and also relieve anxiety.

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Abdominal breathing is a breathing technique to have a flat stomach and strong abdominals, but it can also help you if you are a person suffering from anxiety.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that explains how to do abdominal breathing exercises step by step

Abdominal breathing is a very deep ventral breathing exercise that will allow you to improve your abdominal muscles: the result is a flat stomach, without fatigue and without risk.

It is a technique used mainly in yoga, which is done through the practice of diaphragmatic breathing, and involves a “stomach aspiration”.  A type of breathing that can also help you control your body in case of anxiety.

Steps to do abdominal breathing exercises

  1. The basic steps for abdominal breathing exercises are to inhale the air by inflating the belly, then exhale the air slowly and in the meantime contract the abdominal muscles with force.
  2. If you practice abdominal breathing, either lying on the floor or sitting on the floor (much better) you will be working the abdominal musculature, which is in the innermost part of the abdominal wall and which keeps the lumbar area stable, as well as working closely with the diaphragm: this is why abdominal emptiness is based on breathing.
  3. In practice, the diaphragm relaxes and the lungs fill with air, the belly swells and the intestines are pushed forward.
  4. During the exhalation phase, the muscles of the abdomen contract from the bottom up to raise the diaphragm. In addition to eliminating the belly, these abdominal exercises also help solve posture problems.
  5. Before starting the exercise, it is important to identify the abdominal musculature, that is, the transverse of the abdomen: it contracts the abdominal muscles, pushing the navel inwards, with this movement it will contract the transverse, which you will then be able to relax when you release the air.
  6. Always do exercises away from mealtimes, alternating with other abdominal exercises. To perform abdominal breathing, start from an upright position, place your hands on your hips, extend your legs slightly and keep them flexed.
  7. Now perform diaphragmatic breathing: inhale while inflating your belly, during the exhalation phase, push the belly and navel inwards and hold the contraction for at least 5-10 seconds.
  8. During this phase, you will experience a flattening of the lumbar area. Initially perform 6 to 8 repetitions to reach 10-15 repetitions per day. Make it constantly to obtain results in a short time.

Abdominal breathing technique may be difficult at first. Therefore, the beginner can approach the exercise in two different ways: the first consists of lying down with your back resting on the floor, then leaning your hands on your belly, inhale by inflating your belly and exhale by pulling your navel inward.

Alternatively take the quadruped position, inhale, release the belly to the ground. In the expiration phase, push the belly inward, keeping the lumbar area stationary.

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