How to prevent applications from accessing your location

Accessing your location

Some of the applications we install ask us for permission to use the location and positioning systems of the device.

accessing your location

For some applications such as GPS navigators is quite practical but for other applications can mean a leak of our privacy.

If you want to keep these applications at bay so they don’t know your location, we’ll give you the key.

Disable Android location or positioning

Within the phone settings you will find the location section. It may change a little depending on the manufacturer of your terminal and its interface. Here we will leave the example of Android stock.

When you enter Location, first we have the option to activate or deactivate the positioning and underneath you will see the mode. There we can choose the type of positioning with the GPS antenna or network positioning, or both at once.

The choice will depend on how much battery we want to spend because the GPS antenna consumes a lot of energy.

To deactivate the location we can do it quickly from the shortcuts by pulling down the notification bar and touching its icon or from the menu in the settings.

The different modes will give us different accuracy and affect energy consumption:

  • High precision, the position is obtained with precision thanks to the GPS antenna and is done quickly thanks to the triangulation with the telephone networks within reach. A lot of battery power is wasted due to the GPS antenna.
  • Battery saving, the position is not so exact because it is only obtained by triangulation of the mobile network antennas. It saves a lot of battery as we don’t have the GPS antenna active.
  • Only device, useful when we don’t have coverage. Only the GPS signal is activated, it can take a little while to position us, but it is as accurate and uses as much battery as the high-precision mode.

Removing Location Permission from an Application

From Android 6.0 Marshmallow we can revoke the location permission for each specific application.

There are two ways to revoke an application’s permission: from the application’s own information or from the permission settings of all applications.

  • To revoke the placement permit for a single application. Enter the application information and in Permissions uncheck Location.
  • To revoke location permission for multiple applications. Go to Applications and click on the gear icon to enter the advanced options. Here click on Application Permissions > Location and you will be able to control the applications that you want to know your location.

Limit application access to the location between Android 5.0 and Android 4.3

For users who are still between these two versions we have an application that allows us to restrict the access of applications to some options of the device


Thanks to AppOps, we’ll be able to choose which applications can access and which can’t access the location.

You can choose the applications you want, and you can see what permissions are granted, being able to revoke in each case whether to keep them active or not allow them to access.

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