How to search for files with Advanced Search

Did you know WhatsApp has an advanced search function? Coming soon in beta version

The pace of development of the WhatsApp application has accelerated and has evolved much more than estimated since it was released and, of course, since Facebook bought it.

Advanced Search

The company is currently working intensively on improving its advanced search system.

WhatsApp is no longer a chat-only platform. It has been possible to send more than just messages for quite some time now. It is possible to send, for example, office files and url addresses, among many other possibilities.

In recent months new functions have been added focused on management and organization, such as the possibility of setting chats or the use of the innovative system of Business labels, among others. A long-awaited innovation by many users and soon to be available is WhatsApp’s dark mode.

The company’s objective is to further improve the advanced search system and achieve a much more complete development than the current one. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is in the final stages of developing this new system.

You can set search filters so that only photos or videos appear as a result. Category filters will also be set according to the type of content, including voice memos or GIFs.

Another important detail is that the preview is available. In the new advanced search system any type of multimedia content will appear and can be seen in a small quadrant, in one of the edges of the screen, without having to enter to see the message.

In addition, a small section will be available where you can review the most recent searches and access them more easily.

The advanced search is still in the internal development phase. Those who want to participate in the beta will have to adhere to the TestFlight beta Program.

If you select “Photos“, the system will immediately show you a list of all the photos sent and received in your chats, both individual and group.

This improvement will also help you filter with better keywords and keep a search history that you can easily remove.

iOS users will be the first to experience the advanced WhatsApp search in the next WhatsApp beta update, but Android users will have to wait a little longer.

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