How to Earn Money as an Affiliate, Practical Tips

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are now one of the most effective ways to make money with a website. They mostly use CPA systems – cost per action.

Affiliate Programs

Thanks to the CPA system, you receive a commission for each purchase made of a product you have recommended.

Based on the CPA system, we present you 10 strategies to earn money joining Affiliate programs and recommending their products.

Before starting to prepare a strategy, you must first analyze the product or service you want to promote.

It is necessary to know perfectly the strong points of the product in order to know the best sales arguments.

Besides, you need to study which audience you’re going to address. Choosing the one that will be most interested in acquiring the product or service.

Write a review

One of the strategies that work best to make money with Affiliate Programs is to write an appraisal about a product.

Internet users tend to take more into account the opinions of other users about a particular product than the arguments published by a company.

Every day there are more and more buyers who first review reviews of products made by other Internet users.

People who have consumed the product, which brings the value of the experience of its use. If you bring your own vision of a product or service with its advantages and disadvantages, your opinion will be taken into account by a lot of potential customers.

Make comparisons

Write articles about the product you promote by comparing it to a similar product in the market.

Talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the product and show your visitors why the product you are promoting is better than the rest, or why it suits them better.

Don’t forget that you must insert the links with your Affiliate codes in the articles, because only then will you be able to make the visitors go to the product page and it will be registered that you have obtained these clients.

Create a Landing Page

When writing about a product you want to promote, you must dedicate a page to the product itself.

This must contain all the necessary information. To get visitors to this page, you can get it through: campaigns, articles or newsletters.

In addition to containing all information related to the product, this page should give the user the option to buy – usually presented in the form of a button. 

Once the clinte comes in and pays, it’s already registered that it’s recommended by you. Which means you’re already making money.

Create videos on Youtube

Create a video where you demonstrate the product you are promoting. Explain to the target audience why you will need it and how to make the most of it.

A video is more personal and persuasive than a text. The video should be simple, explanatory and honest. He’s talking consumer-to-consumer.

Promote the product in forums

Forums are an excellent place to advertise products. Share information in the forums that are more dedicated to the product market you promote.

For example, if you belonged to the Webnode Affiliate Program, you should work the communication in forums of: creation of web pages and blogs, self-employed workers and forums related to the world of technology. These, after all, are the ones that would best suit your objectives.

Promote the brand on social networks

On Facebook, you can either create a fan page or a group. Once done, you can invite potential customers more interested in the product you promote.

Or, for example, on Twitter, following potential buyers and offering them information. On the other hand, Pinterest is also a very good network, since its advantage is the impact it creates with the images.

Study the possibility of using Pinterest because it will give you good results.

Write a free e-book

An E-book about the product will clear up any doubts people may have, which will also make them feel more confident about buying it.

Many blogs that dedicate their theme to social networks are already doing so. In many cases, they get that from a free training offer, they can show their degree of experts in the field. This would then lead to a sale of your own service or more advanced training courses.

Send Newsletters

Email Marketing, or the use of email in marketing strategies, is a very good tool for promoting products.

Create a form on your website to obtain and archive email addresses of your visitors. Afterwards, you can regularly send them news related to the product or service you are working with. In these emails, be sure to direct users to the landing page (as we saw in point 3).

Use Banners that fit your website

Despite being one of the most effective ways to capture readers’ attention, banners cannot be used without support.

If you put it in a good place, you will receive more clicks and therefore your investment will get better results. Banners placed next to a product review or on the main page of a website get more clicks.

Never give up

Promoting a product and gaining the trust of visitors to buy it is not always easy. But what matters most is that you keep trying. Never give up.

Always look for creative ways to improve. If you persist in your attempt, the results will eventually arrive.

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