How an airplane engine works

Airplane engine works

An aircraft engine or turbine engine is one that is used for the propulsion of aircraft by generating a thrust force.

airplane engine works

There are different types of aircraft engines but they are divided into two basic classes: reciprocating (or piston) and jet (where turbines are included) engines. Next we explain you in video how an airplane engine works.

A turbo-shaft engine is a gas turbine engine that delivers its power through an axle. These engines are mainly used in helicopters and auxiliary power units.

The turboshaft is very similar to the turboprop, with one key difference: in the turboprop the propeller is supported directly by the engine, and the engine is bolted to the aircraft structure.

Iin a turboshaft the engine does not have to provide direct physical support to the helicopter rotors, as the rotor is connected to a transmission attached to the structure and the turboshaft simply transmits power via a transmission shaft.

Some see this distinction as irrelevant, in fact, in some cases engine companies produce turbopropshafts and turboshafts based on the same design.

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