How AirPods are Charged

How AirPods are Charged

AirPods have become one of the world’s most popular wireless headsets, and a bestseller for Apple that is often overshadowed by other higher-ranking products such as the iPhone or iPad.

Almost synonymous with cordless headphones, and of which we can already find variants from different manufacturers, they offer an incredible autonomy for anyone who wants to use them at home, at work, for exercise, whether to listen to music or to talk. But how are AirPods loaded?How AirPods are Charged

Load AirPods

Until a few weeks ago, the user had no difficulty in purchasing AirPods. Now, however, the choice is complicated.

With the arrival of the second generation, we can choose between the basic model or the model with wireless charging case.

In addition, first-generation AirPods can now be found new at a very attractive price, which widens the range even further.

We make this distinction precisely because the choice of one or the other model will affect both the autonomy of listening to music and making calls, as well as the charging method of our AirPods. Let’s take steps.

What autonomy do AirPods offer me?

As Apple itself points out on its website, with first-generation AirPods it is possible to “listen to up to 5 hours of music or talk for 2 hours on a single charge.

However, thanks to the case that accompanies them, “you can enjoy more than 24 hours of autonomy listening to music or 11 hours talking“.

In addition, a charge of only fifteen minutes will provide you with “up to three hours of music or talk for just over an hour.

In the chaos of second-generation AirPods, the first thing you should know is that the choice of one model or another, with a normal charging case or a wireless charging case, will not affect the autonomy at all, only the way your AirPods are powered up.

With AirPods 2, “you can listen to up to 5 hours of music or talk for 3 hours on a single charge,” but thanks to its charging case, you can enjoy a total of “more than 24 hours of autonomy listening to music or 18 hours talking.

In addition, a charge of only fifteen minutes will provide you with “up to three hours of music or talk for just over three hours.

Check the battery status of our AirPods

To check the battery level of our AirPods, once you’ve attached them to your device, simply open the charging case cover with the headphones inside and bring it closer to your iPhone or iPad.

Wait a few seconds and you will be able to visualize the remaining energy from each one of the headphones and from the case itself.

You can also scroll right from the home screen on your iPhone (or down from the top center of your iPad) to check the battery level from the battery widget.

Let’s load the AirPods

And now, once you know the basics about the range of these wireless headphones, let’s see how the Airpods are charged. To do this, we must once again establish differentiation and clarification.

The simple clarification: it is not possible to charge the headphones independently, it is essential to do so through the charging case. The minimum size of the AirPods makes it impossible to place any type of connector on them, which, on the other hand, you won’t miss at all.

On all models of AirPods, both first and second generation, you can charge them by connecting the charging case to the electrical current through the Lightning cable to USB. You can do this either if the AirPods are in the case or if you are currently using them.

But if you’ve opted for the new Airpods that include a wireless charging case, in addition to the above method, you can also place the case on any Qi-certified wireless charging base. Once again, you will be able to do so with the AirPods stored inside, or not.

In the latter case, remember to place the case closed and with the status light up. This status light consists of a small LED that allows us to know the state of charge of the battery of our AirPods.

In the wireless charging case, it is located on the outside front, while in the normal charging case, it is located inside, between the two headphones. When placing the case on a Qi charging base, “the status light will show the current charging level for eight seconds.

On this last aspect, you must know something else. When the AirPods are inside the case and the cover is open, the LED will show the battery status of the headphones. However, if the headphones are not in the case at that time, the indicator will show the battery status of the charging case.

Finally, don’t forget that “green indicates a fully charged state; orange indicates less than a fully charged state.

And now, continue to enjoy your AirPods and their great autonomy and comfort. And if you haven’t gotten your hands on some yet… You’re late!

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