How to install Android in Windows 10

Android in Windows 10

Lately, tablets with dual operating systems, Android and Windows, have become fashionable. Although it is not a really effective solution to have two operating systems but it is true that they complement each other.

How to install Android in Windows

But I’m sure you’ve never thought about having our favorite Google operating system on our desktop computer.

As we have said, these solutions go through dual-boot devices. This can mean that either we have open Android or we have open Windows.

Although many of these cases allow us to alternate in real time each of the ROMs to quickly access the tasks we have open.

AMIDUOS, what is it and what does it offer us?

With AMIDuOS we have an Android emulator that is able to virtualize the operating system to have it open while working with Windows 10 although the installation is also compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

What are the advantages of AMIDuOS virtualization?

If we’ve ever used tools like Parallels to get Windows inside a Mac, you’ll know what we mean. These emulations used to function as a program in a window, as if it were just another program within the operating system, and there was hardly any communication between the two.

AMIDUOS is much more effective because it integrates into Windows and runs below it.

In this way it is possible to place shortcuts of these applications that we have in the shortcut bar, the desktop and so on.

In addition these APK that we open are accessible from the same native way as if it was Windows and it is even possible to copy and paste data from one to another regardless of the system for which they were designed.

And if we also have a PC with touch screen we can use gestures for the most basic control tasks.

AMIDUOS is a payment application that costs between 10 and 15 euros. The cheapest corresponds to the Jelly Bean version of Android while the second is the most recent, the Lollipop that will soon be replaced by that Marshmallow that will be released with the new Nexus in October.

Remember that your computer must simply have a x86 processor, 2GB of RAM and another 2GB of free hard disk space.

AMIDUOS | Official Website

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