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Android Quick Presentations

It is well known that slideshows have served as a key element in student and professional life, especially for different people around the world.

Android Quick Presentations

Their main importance consists, mainly, in that through them it is possible to summarize and present information in a more complete and attractive way to the spectator.

Although traditionally understood as presentation to the combination of text and images, over time, the use of this word has inclined more to the multimedia presentations, better known as slideshows, which have successfully managed to add new elements such as clipart, photographs, text, music, video, transitions, among others, always seeking to improve the user experience.

Mobile Presentations

Although in the beginning the programs to create slideshows were a bit monopolized by the use of software such as Microsoft's, today there are widely available and diversified tools.

In this sense, the use of programs to create presentations has not only improved, but has also been extended to other platforms and operating systems, as in this case from mobile phones with Android platform.

Google Presentations

Google Presentations is an application included in the suite of Google Document Editors, making it a completely free tool.

This application is really useful if you drive Android computers, because it has the ability to synchronize almost automatically with all the applications linked to your Google Account.

The app offers a wide variety of themes, fonts and animations to apply to presentations. You can view, create, and modify presentations, and it's fully compatible with viewing and editing presentations created with Microsoft Power Point. Google Presentations allows you to edit even offline and the collaboration to work several users on the same document is something remarkable.

Microsoft Power Point

If you are a loyal user of Microsoft products, and especially Power Point, you can also enjoy its different benefits through the application for Android mobile devices.

Although it is a free tool, its features are somewhat limited, which can be unlocked by purchasing an Office 365 subscription.

With Power Point for Android you can make sure your files look the way you created them on your computer.

When you log in to the application using your Microsoft account, everything will be there, from your images, inserted videos, tables, graphics, SmartArt, transitions, animations and so on; so you can continue editing your presentations right where you left off.

On the other hand, we must point out that the main 'disadvantage' of Power Point compared to Google Presentations is that the first one can only be used in Android 4.4.x or later; and if you need to use the application in a tablet of more than 10.1 inches, you must necessarily opt for a subscription to Office 365.


If you've never used Prezi you don't know what you're missing. We can say that Prezi is the evolution of slide shows as we know them.

This service adds new effects and animations with fun twists and turns that help keep audiences surprised. With Prezi for Android you can practically do whatever you want.

It's also a cloud-based service, so your presentations are automatically synchronized on any device you use. With the Android app you can review your presentation before an important meeting or make last-minute changes.

In addition, the tactile gestures incorporated in today's smartphones combine perfectly with the operation within the application. For example, you can pinch to zoom or drag to scroll through the canvas.

As if that weren't enough, the application incorporates a new functionality to present your Prezis (presentations in Prezi) at a distance. Although it is worth mentioning that in Google Presentations this is also achieved through Hangout video calls.


iPresent is an excellent tool that guarantees speed and reliability in the creation of Android presentations.

Its main features include the possibility of including dynamic graphics and animations, allowing you to maximize your creativity and attract the public.

You can include files of different formats such as Power Point, videos, PDF, among others. These files can be accompanied by texts.

Documents can be located on the web or hosted inside the tablet or smartphone. In addition, you can save the final result on video or as a presentation.

Deck Slideshow

It's a fairly simple but useful resource, because it allows you to incorporate and combine text with graphics and transitions. Deck Slideshow has a simple but powerful editor that allows you to focus on the content of your material and without any distraction.

Also, you can reorganize the slides if necessary, and you can edit the content as many times as you want. In addition, it includes a variety of themes to make your presentation more attractive.


MigthyMeeting is a tool that allows you to create slides from Power Point documents and PDF files. You can add graphics, text and strokes to your material. And you don't need an Internet connection to work, so you can create fast Android presentations from anywhere, including transitions and themes.

You can share results online or view them in real time with team members, who will watch them from their own device.

It should be noted that in addition to the individual applications we have presented in this article, there are a number of office tools in the Play Store that can help you with these kinds of tasks including presentation editors.

A clear example can be Kingsoft Office, as well as other office automation alternatives such as Office Suite 8, Polaris Office and Docs To Go; all these tools are completely free and functional.

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