How to protect my Android smartphone

Android smartphone

Threats are very common in the world of technology, especially because there are many people who want to take advantage of those new or unsuspecting users.

How to protect my Android smartphone

In this sense, it should be noted that smartphones have become targets of attack by these unscrupulous people, especially because of the large number of users who use them in their daily activities.

It should be noted that smartphones are currently considered as small computers, as they can perform different tasks, but also serve to store a number of very important data.

Therefore, if you use your mobile device regularly, it is recommended that you continue reading this article on how to protect my Android smartphone, safeguarding mainly the most important information you handle there.

Avoid installing applications outside of Google Play

On different occasions we have heard about certain infections that happen through sideloading, that is, the action of installing applications that are not available in Google Play, the official shop of Android.

Although it is a common practice among advanced users, but probably the vast majority of people will never use it, it is one of the main ways to encounter infections on the mobile device.

The idea is to keep only using applications available in the official store, or failing that, to use alternative stores such as Amazon, only to install the APK and then return to protect the device from external installations.

In this case, in order to install an application outside of Google Play, you must go to a semi-hidden option in the Configuration, but after the installation, it is recommended to leave everything as it was.

Use applications from trusted developers

While it is true that by using applications coming only from Google Play you will already be giving some protection to your device, it is also very important to pay attention to the type of app you install from this place.

This is because on different occasions you may come across malicious software that has managed to overcome Google filters.

In this case, it is advisable to avoid the installation of applications produced by unknown companies, especially when the offer is really not very credible. For example, you may come across something like “Free Photoshop for Android” from an unknown developer, it’s best not to install the application.

In order to know if it is a reliable developer, it is possible to observe the announcement that Google Play makes on the matter, trusting especially if it is an outstanding Developer, for example.

In this case, a Featured Developer or Top Developer is one that has several hundred thousand downloads in different applications, assuring you that it is a valid application.

Review application permissions

Whether you’re installing an application directly from the Google Play app on your device or from the web, there’s an area with information about the product.

Here you will also find the option called Permissions, which will inform you about the permissions that the application will have on your phone.

In the case of social networks, it is logical that the application has permissions to access your contact list, your location and, of course, the web.

However, if it is a Live Wallpaper, for example, you may become suspicious when it indicates that it needs access to your phone or contact book, you have permissions to record audio or take photos.

In these cases, even if you have to waste some time, it is highly recommended to always have a look at the permissions you want to have the application you are going to install, as this is a very simple and effective method to know if a malicious application is trying to steal your information.


Although the first antivirus must be the user with an appropriate and prudent use of the mobile device, it is never superfluous to have the help of an application that can provide that necessary protection to the smartphone.

In this case, we are talking about the famous antivirus applications, which usually have a number of interesting features not only for protection against malicious software, but mostly with anti-theft systems, geolocation, among others.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

While there are many security applications in Android, one of the best recommendations we can make is to use the app called Lookout Security & Antivirus. In this sense, this application is characterized by its low impact on phone performance due to its light size, but also because it does an excellent job in detecting malware.

Lookout Security & Antivirus also includes a feature that allows you to find your phone using a web browser to access if it is lost.

Also, the application has a great system for backing up your contacts, photos and calls, allowing you to restore them to a new phone; this is very useful if you tend to change devices continuously or if you are about to migrate to a new one.

AVG Antivirus

Like the previous tool, AVG Antivirus stands out for being an application with great features.

Even beyond being a simple antivirus, it is a complete security suite, offering a wide variety of functions ranging from typical threat detection to anti-theft functions.

Among the main functionalities of AVG Antivirus we can highlight the analysis it performs on applications and files, removing malicious content; it also allows searches, purchases and use of social networks with complete security, as if it detects a suspicious URL it automatically redirects you to a safe page.

Other incredible features of AVG Antivirus include the completion of tasks and processes that could slow down or block your device, controls battery and mobile data consumption, optimizes internal storage space and SD card, among other features.

In general, we can say that with the proper use of your smartphone and following this type of advice, it is possible to avoid becoming infected with malicious applications or some of the different hacks that tend to appear.

In particular, it is important to use common sense, know the apps properly and a light application that provides protection against most attacks for peace of mind.

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