How to connect your Android to your PC

Android to your PC

Today, it’s common to see many people with the smartphone all the time, especially because they represent a way to stay connected and have fresh information at hand.

Android to your PC

However, when you’re at home or work and using your computer, it can become a hassle to switch from one device to another from time to time, especially when you want to concentrate on a single screen.

Fortunately, there are several interesting alternatives to try to solve this problem, and in the case of Android which has a fairly large ecosystem, there are several applications to take advantage of to connect your mobile device to the PC using only the Wi-Fi network where you are.

Applications to connect Android to PC


This is a very useful application when trying to connect your Android to the PC. In particular, you can mirror in real time everything that happens on your smartphone, use messaging clients, view your files, receive notifications, transfer files by dragging and dropping, among others.

You can even access more than interesting features like recording your Android screen without being a root user.

You can also stream videos stored on the device and you can make mobile presentations. Although Mobizen has an application for Windows, you can also use it from your browser.


Even if you think it’s just an application for sending text messages, MightyText is much more than that, as it also collects call notifications and other applications, presents battery alerts, allows you to send text messages via Gmail, you can program SMS, send images and other web content to your mobile.

You can also edit captured photos from your device and sync text messages and pictures. All this through a well-kept interface with option to customization with themes included.

MightyText, like Mobizen, is a free application and to connect to your computer you only need to use the browser of your choice such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Operae and even Internet Explorer.


No, it’s not an app that teaches you to steal or anything. MoboRobo is characterized by offering the connection of your Android device with the computer through an application that works only in Windows.

Its features are similar to other applications, such as transferring contacts, organizing multimedia files and text messages, among other features.

The MoboRobo application stands out for the possibility of backing up Android data, something very useful in cases such as the loss of the mobile or changing it for a new one.

This tool even has an apps and games store that you can download to your PC and then transfer to the device, in order to save battery and data transfer costs.


AirDroid is a well known application in the market, especially for its functionality of connecting the mobile to the computer.

In this case, the application includes a complete suite of options to take advantage of, such as its ability to mirror notifications that you can remove, block and organize as you see fit.

The application also allows you to transfer files over Wi-Fi, being of great help when you do not have a cable at hand; it also allows you to answer text messages using a physical keyboard, in addition to knowing if you have missed calls.

Even if you are a root user, you can also reply to messages from WhatsApp, Line, and other similar applications. Another aspect to highlight is that you have applications for Windows, Mac OS X and Chrome.


This is another of the most popular applications in this list, since Pusbullet allows you to access your mobile notifications from your computer, as well as share all kinds of files, transfer data from one side to the other, and send links from the computer to the smartphone and vice versa.

Like AirDroid, Pushbullet is easy to use from any popular browser, with applications for Windows and Mac OS X.

It should be noted that Pushbullet has a huge community that brings improvements, so in addition to its applications for Android and iOS, you can also find for BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Ubuntu.

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