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The cell phone is an essential tool these days, as we use it virtually 24 hours for all kinds of tasks, both work and study or even at home, a place where we can also take a profit unthinkable years ago for a phone. In addition, thanks to YouTube, social networks and games, we have available hours and hours of fun assured.

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However, all this has a problem: the more we use the cell phone, the slower it gets. This is a real disadvantage, as the device can slow down to the point of exasperating the user. Fortunately, there are a variety of tricks and applications to make the cell phone faster, which we will explain below.

Is the cell phone slow?

The main causes for a cell phone to be slow are multiple, but the most common are the shortage of storage space, ie having many photos, videos and music occupying the memory of the cell phone, the junk files that store the applications we install and then uninstall, the system cache and of course the ever present threat of having a virus in the cell phone.

While all these problems for an expert user of Android are easy things to solve, the truth is that for a user who only uses the applications and does not want to know anything about the system, solve why the cell phone is slow is a nightmare very difficult to live.

Fortunately, there are some ways to make our cell phone faster, and it is precisely through applications that automatically clean our Android and leave it as new, at least as far as the operating system is concerned.

One of these applications is CCleaner, the undisputed leader in PC cleaning, now in an Android version, just as good and solid. CCleaner incorporates a multitude of tools, including automatic cleaning planning and the removal of traces of old Whatsapp messages, text messages, cached files, old call logs and other elements that only make our phone slow.

All these options will allow to clean Android deeply, and with it to make our cell phone faster.

Download the best application to make your cell phone faster

To download CCleaner, all we have to do is click on this link, and wait for it to download and install on our smartphone or tablet. Once it has been downloaded and installed, we run it to start using it.

How to use the application to make the cell phone faster

As soon as we run CCleaner, we’ll find the main screen, where we’ll have available information about the storage capacity and the amount of space we have left on the cell phone, as well as two tabs “Analyze” and “Clean”, located at the bottom of the interface.

Step 1: If we want to know which are the elements that are slowing down our phone, we click on the tab “Analyze”, which will immediately show us a list with all the apps and files that we can delete to make the cell phone go faster.

Step 2: After that, we select the applications and files that we want to remove through the checkboxes located next to each item.

Step 3: To completely eliminate all these elements, click on “Clean”, after which the system will start working.

From this cleaning, we will be able to count on a fast and effective cell phone, ready so that we can obtain from it an excellent performance.

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