Clearing the application’s cache

Application’s cache

Anyone who has ever had a problem with an Android application or software may have been advised to “clear the application cache” or “clear the application data”.

These two solutions are often considered miraculous cures for Android, but what is the difference between these seemingly similar actions? Below we explain what they are and how and when to use them.Clearing the application's cache

Differences between clearing cache and deleting application data

These two options can be found in the information of each application in Settings > Applications.

In the Memory section of the application information we have the two options: Clear data and Clear cache. Deleting either frees up space but usually recovers it when we start the application.

  • An application’s cache is a package that stores data that can be quickly retrieved when needed to speed up application startup. It’s kind of like an image of what Android needs to launch the app quickly.
  • An application’s data includes any type of files, accounts, databases, log data, saved games, chats, emails and settings that the application needs to function.

There is also a more global cache, the system cache. But this cache can only be deleted manually from a custom recovery.

Why clear an application’s cache

It is not necessary to delete the cache memory continuously, moreover, it is only advisable in certain cases, as an example, when an application is constantly blocked.

After an update of the system or the application itself it is also recommended to delete the cache of the application to avoid errors with the data of the old cache.

To clear the cache, just follow these steps:

  1. Access the Settings menu.
    2. Go to the section on application management.
    3. Select the application that is causing problems.
    4. Press the Clear Cache button.

Why delete data from an application

In this case, all data from the selected application will be permanently deleted. With this will disappear files that do not have copy in the memory of the device or in the cloud and when reopening the app will be as if we had just installed it for the first time.

This option is useful when an application does not allow you to log in or out. Also when you want to delete all the games in a game or simply want to delete your account from an application for someone else to use.

In addition, it can be a useful solution in the event that an application continues not to function normally, even after the cache has been cleared.

Clearing an application’s data is a completely different process than the cache clearing operation, but the procedure is almost the same:

  1. Access the Settings menu.
    2. Go to the section on application management.
    3. Select the application that is causing problems.
    4. Press the Clear Data button.

Delete data from WhatsApp

In the case of WhatsApp, erasure of data from the application will not delete photos, videos, voice memos, or documents.

When we erase the data from the WhatsApp application we delete the chats that we have not backed up in the cloud, the local backup and the application log data.

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