How to download older versions of apps on devices older than iOS 12

If you still have an iPhone or iPad so old that it’s no longer compatible with iOS 12, but you want to install some of the apps you use regularly on your newest devices, you’re in for a treat.

Apple has not completely abandoned its older users and allows downloading of older versions of applications onto devices that can no longer be upgraded to the current iOS 12.

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Your old iPad can still come in handy

As you will see below, downloading applications in their previous versions to the current one is a very simple process. However, given the capabilities of your device (because of its age) you may need to show a little patience.

Open the App Store on that device that can no longer be upgraded to iOS 12 and go to the Purchased section and wait for the list of purchased applications to be displayed.

Depending on the age of the device, you’ll have to wait longer or shorter to fully load the application history you’ve purchased with an Apple ID. This will also depend, logically, on the volume of applications downloaded and installed over the years.

Once the list is complete, and all application icons are displayed, you can search for the app you want to install again. You can do this by searching the list or by typing its name in the search box. Once again, be patient.

When you have found the application, click on the iCloud icon next to it (a cloud with an arrow coming out from the inside down).

Don’t leave the App Store because the App Store will show you a notification saying that it’s not possible to download this application because it doesn’t work with the iOS version you have installed on your device.

It is logical because it is trying to download the latest version that is compatible only with the latest versions of iOS signed by Apple. However, it will also give you an option to download a previous version.

Now simply click on the Download button that you can see in the notification window. Soon you’ll have the latest possible version that’s compatible with the version of iOS your iPhone or iPad is running on.

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