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Awesome Cancer Cure, in Frozen Lemons

Awesome Cancer Cure

Cancer, much feared by all humans, in these times as everyone knows, lemon is rich in vitamin C, which in itself is synonymous with strong defenses and shield against colds and flu.

But what makes lemon unique is its ability to neutralize and eliminate toxins from our body. It is, therefore, a great solvent of toxic substances and magnificent depurative.


This is a miracle product that kills cancer cells 10,000 times more than chemotherapy.

It is also useful in anti microbial, bacterial and fungal infections. It is effective against intestinal parasites, regulates high blood pressure, is an antidepressant, fights stress and nerve disorders

People who suffer from liver, rheumatism, have high blood pressure or suffer from colds can improve and relieve their ailments

Apart from vitamin C, lemon contains B vitamins and vitamin E and many minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, copper, zinc, iron and manganese.

This cocktail of vitamins and minerals boosts the immune system by boosting the activity of white blood cells.

Lemon is an antioxidant and acts as a protective substance. It helps the skin stay healthy and keep us younger.

Lemon antioxidants also help eye health by helping to prevent degenerative diseases like cataracts or loss of vision.

It helps to metabolize fats faster. The acids contained in the lemon help to oxidize and eliminate fats, also one that hinders the work of the heart and neutralize the toxic substances in the blood.

Lemon water has a wonderful ability to aid digestion and remove toxins from the digestive tract. Many times we have indigestion or nausea and acidity, lemon helps to neutralize those symptoms.

Keeping in mind that lemons are high in ascorbic acid they can be fantastic for healing wounds.

A little lemon juice in a wound helps to heal faster. In addition, it is critical for bones and cartilage and decreases inflammation.

How can we use the whole lemon without losing anything?

Simple, wash the lemon well and put it in the freezer. When frozen, use the grater and grate it whole (with the peel) and sprinkle on the food this grated.

Spray your drinks, ice cream, soups, pasta, sauces, rice, sushi, fish, whiskey and anything else you like.

This is the magic key to making your meal more tasty and healthier with which you will live longer.

This is the secret of lemon, which has just been revealed, cancer hardly develops in an alkaline environment.

You can help friends and family to let you know that lemon juice is advantageous in the treatment of cancer.

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