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Baby shower games

Planning a baby shower is a nice way to celebrate our pregnancy and a perfect excuse to meet with our friends and family to let us pamper, enjoy a good time and receive gifts that will be useful for us when the baby arrives.

Like any other celebration, the baby shower is an important party that requires a lot of preparation and details, and one of them will be to plan baby shower games that entertain everyone.

Baby shower games

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Themed baby shower games is one of the funniest traditions of the celebration.

In addition to the guests, the decoration, desserts and gifts, baby shower activities and games are one of the most characteristic traditions of this celebration, as they have become one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the party.

There is no better way to have fun and relax with your guests than to organize simple and fun games related to the future mother and her baby.

However, when it comes to organizing a baby shower there are many aspects that must be prepared, so we almost always leave it to the last moment to choose the games and their preparation.

But don't worry, here we'll give you 12 fun ideas about baby showers games that will guarantee you moments of lots of laughter and fun.

Funny baby shower games to not stop laughing

There is no better way to start organizing the party than by planning some fun baby showers, so that as soon as the guests arrive at your party they get to know each other and start the celebration with laughter.

That's why we propose you 12 baby showers games, so that you can choose the ones you like the most.

  1. Guess the size of the belly!

This is perhaps one of the most popular baby shower games. It's about guests trying to guess the exact size of the tummy. In turn, each guest should write down the measure on a piece of paper or another way to do it is by using a roll of toilet paper so that they can cut out the measure they think is the right one.

Then, the belly of the expectant mother is measured with the cuts of toilet paper, or with a tape measure to know who got the measure right. It will be one of the funniest ways to share with your guests!

It's one of the most popular and fun games at the party!

What was I like as a baby?

It's the perfect way for guests to get to know each other and learn the names of those they don't yet know.

To make this game, you must ask each of your guests to come to the party with a picture of when they were babies with their name written on the back.

Then, with the help of clothes pegs, hang the photos on a rope and place them on a wall.

Choose one of the photos and a guest to try to recognize the person from the photo that touched him, if the photo is right the photo is removed, but if it does not the photo returns to the string again.

Whoever gets the best pictures gets a special gift!

  1. Bottle Contest

With this game all the guests will die of laughter. Offer each participant a bottle of milk, juice, soda or even beer for those who are not expecting a baby. Each contestant must stand and line up, so that on the count of 3, they start sucking from the bottle as fast as they can. Whoever finishes first is the winner.

It will be one of the funniest games of the party, because drinking from a bottle is not as easy as many believe!

Bottles can be made of milk, juice, cocktail, soda or even beer.

  1. Put the pacifier on the baby.

For this game you must form two teams or more teams. The game consisted of two of your guests sitting in a blindfolded chair, playing the role of a baby, while two other guests, also blindfolded, must find a way to put the pacifier in his mouth, following the instructions of his team members.

The team that achieves it in the shortest time will win. It's a very emotional game because everyone has to work as a team.

  1. Guess what you're eating!

Two or more teams must also be formed for this game. Each participant must be blindfolded, and must team up in pairs. One of them will be the mother and another will be the baby.

For this game, the mother will feed her baby, but the baby will have to guess the taste of his porridge while you confuse the flavors, with smells of garlic, mustard or onion. This will make things more complicated!

Whoever first guesses the correct taste of the pap wins a prize.

The best part of this game is the contestant's face when tasting the porridge!

  1. Playing with a dirty diaper

As hostess of the party, you will be in charge of controlling the music, while all your guests being in a circle must pass a diaper (pretending it is dirty) until you stop the music, and whoever keeps the diaper at that time, loses and should leave the game, so on until you have the winner.

How much do you know about pregnancy?

This is one of the baby shower games that will let you know how much your guests know about pregnancy. You will only need to prepare in advance some questions related to pregnancy, motherhood and the care of the baby.

And then you'll be in charge of asking each guest the questions, each correct answer will be worth one point, and whoever accumulates the most points will win!

Only those who know the pregnancy perfectly will win this game.

  1. Pregnant balloons

To continue with the most important theme of the celebration, among the most fun baby showers games is this one. Your guests should pretend to be pregnant but with balloons.

You must inflate several balloons for your guests to try to put them under their flannel. The idea is that as many as possible be placed to imitate the womb of a pregnant woman. The one who gets more balloons under the flannel will win, but don't forget to take a lot of pictures to remember this fun moment.

The baby shower games is the opportunity to share unique moments

  1. How quickly can you dress the baby?

For this particular game you can also participate with your partner, because the game is that each participant is responsible for dressing a baby doll as quickly and as best as possible, blindfolded and following the instructions of his team.

The fun thing about this baby showers game is that everyone talks at once, so it's not going to be so easy to know if the message is addressed to them - they'll be guaranteed laughs!

It's the ideal time to show how much you know about changing a baby's diaper.

  1. Surprise balloons

In order to prepare this game of baby showers, you will have to write in some papers prizes or gifts that you want to give to your guests. The papers must correspond to the number of guests, so that before inflating the balloons, they are introduced inside.

Then at the party each guest should choose a balloon and, at the end of the activities, they will prick their balloons and discover what special surprise it contains.

Gifts for the winners of the baby shower games

Once you have chosen the games that you will organize for the guests in your baby shower, it is important that you also have prepared the gifts and prizes that you will offer to the winners.

Theme gifts always add a fun touch to baby shower games.

For example, you can reward each winner with a bottle full of candy or chocolates; a packet of baby travel wipes; a bottle of hand lotion/bubble bath lotion; a packet of note cards; a good pen; a small photo frame, coffee or tea packs or hot chocolate mix.

Make your imagination fly and concentrate on having fun with all the baby showers games you make.

Look at this original idea to give as a souvenir in your baby shower

Keep the memories of your baby shower

Don't forget to photograph and record videos of all these fun moments, you can ask someone else to be in charge of recording all the baby showers. You can have every guest tell anecdotes about your life, and your parents about the day you were born.

Your friends can also tell how they found out you were pregnant or how they had to get used to the changes. You can also place a memento book of your baby shower for everyone to write on. More than a game, this is a gift for you.

The maternity party is ideal to share a very special souvenir of this day with your friends and partner.

Buy a notebook and as your guests arrive ask them to write something on it so you can keep a very special souvenir of this day. They can be good wishes, tips, baby stories, phrases from poems, or anything else they can think of.

Try to record and record every moment of your baby shower! In a few years you'll still be laughing thanks to the fun of the games.

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