How to backup to Android

What is a backup?

It’s an anglicism. A backup is to make a backup copy of our data (SMS, applications, contacts …), ie all the information that a device can store and do not want to lose.

How to backup to Android

It is advisable to perform this backup process before rooting, installing a ROM or anything that poses a risk to the information on the phone.

Some manufacturers offer their own backup application (such as LG Backup or Samsung Smart Swicht, for example) and they usually come pre-installed.

These backup applications from the manufacturers are usually quite simple to use. Below we explain the main tools that everyone has to make backups and that we will differentiate into two types:

Google backup

Our first option could not be other than the native one that Google offers us. In the Settings menu of our Android smartphone you will find the optionBackup and Restore’.

From there we can make a backup of our data, including Wi-Fi passwords, preferences and application data. The backup is done through your Google Account and all information will be stored in the cloud.

Any Android smartphone has the option of backing up to the Google account. / AndroidPIT

Google Photos

If you don’t want to worry about the space your photos take up, you can opt for free Google Photos cloud storage. It has no storage limit but some conditions.

All photos have a special compression without loss of quality up to 16 MP, so if your camera shoots at a higher resolution the photo is compressed up to 16 MP.

Samsung Smart Switch

With Smart Switch we can copy information from one device to another and make backups without touching the cloud at all.

All data can be passed from one smartphone to another when both have the application installed.

But you can also keep backups on a computer thanks to its desktop clients (Windows and Mac) that you can download from the official Samsung Smart Switch website.

LG Bridge and LG Mobile Switch

To transfer data from one smartphone to another, LG uses the LG Mobile Switch application. With it we can pass our data from an old smartphone to the new one, through a Wi-Fi connection or with a cable and OTG adapter.

To make copies in the computer and update the software of the device we will have to use a computer program called LG Bridge and that we can get directly from the official LG page.

PC backup for beginners

If all this talk has sounded like Chinese, too complicated for you, or you just don’t feel like it, you can always connect your Android smartphone to your PC through a USB cable. It’s the way to make a backup “by hand”.

Through the file explorer of your computer copy of the smartphone and paste in the computer the folders of the applications that you want to keep their data and other files such as photos, downloads, music, etc..

A very good trick is to put the date in the file or folder where you made the backup starting from the year then the month and finally the day, so for example ‘2019_01_12_.’, this way it will always be ordered chronologically, it is best to avoid messes when restoring.

Helium (you don’t need to be root)

Helium is a great tool for backing up without root access. With it we will be able to make backups of our applications and your data.

If something happens to our smartphone or we simply acquire a new one, we will be able to restore the data and our applications as they were in the old one.

The copies can be made locally on the microSD card or in the internal memory of the terminal and if we purchase the Premium version we can also upload them to the cloud.

Install Helium on your PC and our Android

  1. Install the app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Install Helium on your computer.
  3. Connect your smartphone to your PC via a USB cable.
  4. USB debugging must be enabled on your Android device.
  5. You may be asked to change the debug mode from USB to PTP connection (camera share mode).
  6. You must allow your PC to access your Android terminal.
  7. When the connection is established with the PC, a green check mark will appear in the Helium window confirming that Helium backups are now activated.
  8. You should see the same ad on your Android smartphone. Now you can disconnect the smartphone from your PC.
  9. Caution: If you restart your Android smartphone, you will have to reactivate the connection with your PC.

Back up your Android with Helium

  1. In the Helium application on your Android you can see two tabs ‘Copy’ and ‘Restore and Synchronize’. I guess you can guess that the first one is to make the backups and the second one to restore those backups.
  2. Let’s start by selecting all the applications. To do this, just click on ‘Select’ and all of them will automatically appear at the top as selected.
  3. Once you have loaded all the applications you can, if you only want to make a copy of the data, check ‘Application data only’. If you also do not want to make copies of all the applications you can select them by sliding your finger down on the screen, will appear the complete list of applications where you can check and uncheck at will.

Once you have made your selection, all you have to do is click on the ‘Copy’ button next to all the icons of your applications.

Then you can choose the destination: internal memory, microSD and for Premium users is also available backups in the cloud of Google Drive or Dropbox.

  1. In the ‘Restore and Synchronize’ tab you can manage your copies and your accounts in the cloud, and you can even manage synchronizations on your other devices.
  2. When backing up you can encrypt it with a password if you wish to protect the data from third parties, but you will need to enter it to restore the data.
  3. To restore just select in the tab ‘Restore and Synchronize’ the place where you have the backup of the applications and select the ones you want to restore. Once the applications have been selected, all you have to do is click on the ‘Restore’ button.

Note: You can do all this also on your computer via the ‘Download to PC’ menu option, where a URL with one numbers appears.

Copy this address to your web browser window and you can save the backups of your Android smartphone on your computer and restore them from there without taking up space on your smartphone or microSD.

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