How to remove the bad smell from the toilet

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  1. Bad smell from the toilet
    1. Causes and solutions of bad smell in the WC
    2. Bad installation of the toilet
    3. Problems with the siphon
    4. Others problems with Siphon
    5. Adequate cleaning routine
    6. Eliminate the smell by cleaning the pipes
    7. Ventilation of the WC
    8. Bathroom Odor | Final Words
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Bad smell from the toilet

One of the most unpleasant and embarrassing situations that can occur in a bathroom is just to find a bad smell coming from the toilet or toilet. That causes some disgust and the idea of being in the presence of a neglected and dirty bathroom.

Now, the problem of the bad smell in the toilet can be caused by one or several factors. And can be generate these unpleasant and foul smells that make from going to the bathroom.

Bad smell from the toilet

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An extremely disgusting experience and that is why, having this problem is important to analyze. What really causes the bad smell? and what kind of smell is it?

In order to discard possible causes, detect the problem and try to solve it in the best possible way.

That is why, from this article where some of the most probable causes of the bad smell in the WC are attached. Also, some solutions to solve this nauseating inconvenience. I hope it will serve you.

Causes and solutions of bad smell in the WC

Next, I leave the main problems that can originate the bad smell in the bath. And some solutions or advices that can be used to give a reasonable solution to the problem.

Bad installation of the toilet

One of the possible causes that can originate this bad smell in the bathroom is precisely, that this sanitary device is badly installed and because of this, causes these leaks of odors.

In other words that some pipe of the WC is badly sealed, some piece is missing or does not have the correct piece.

Among other reasons, the bath expels a smell of sewer that comes from the pipe of the downspout.

That's the filter in the bath, then the question that must be asked is where this smell come?

The solution is to check if the installation is the correct one, supervised with some technician or certified specialist.

Problems with the siphon

Concatenated or not, to the previous point the siphon of the WC fulfills a great task that thanks to its design allows water to accumulate in its interior covering it in this way.

With water this section of the duct, it allows blocking and not filtering the gases or smells coming from the downspout in the bathroom.

However, most toilets use an individual siphon, and in other cases, a siphon boat has been used to drain all the bathroom fixtures.

Having said that, the causes of the bad smell in the toilet due to siphon problems would be the following.

Others problems with Siphon

It's the problem of the siphon being left with little or no water, thus allowing odors and certain gases to find their way up and filter throughout the bathroom.

Sometimes the problem is the evaporation deflation and that can be originated by the scarce use of that WC and accompanied or not.

Maybe can be high temperatures that make the water evaporate or diminish in the siphon, so can not block with property this part of the duct and it is finally perceived, the foul smell to sewer in the bath.

This has an easy solution simply you must use the bath and try that there is water in the interior of the cup.

Another cause is the desiphonage due to the lack of ventilation of the downpipe. That generates an overpressure in the siphon and manages to pass through the water plug of the pipe, and reach the cup with real air bubbles formed by bad odors and gases that generate this embarrassing problem.

It is also mainly due to poor ventilation of the downpipe and that the solution could be to increase the height of the siphon. Also you can improve the ventilation of the downpipe. If it doesn't sort out the trouble, maybe you must call a certified technician or specialist to evaluate the problem.

Another problem that causes the odor to leak can be just some breakage or filtration in the siphon that allows the water to escape from this part. The odors appear in the bathroom and by the way, water that filters from the siphon emerges on the floor (around this sanitary device). If this is the problem you should uninstall the toilet and inspect.

Adequate cleaning routine

Another factor of course, which must be considered when there is a bad smell in the toilet is the cleaning. Maybe the toilet is having an adequate cleanliness and that can be perceived by means of smell and define whether the smell is sewage or biological waste.

Also can be evaluated with a visual inspection throughout the interior of the toilet (bottom and part where the water is discharged). If there is scale inside the toilet that is characterized by yellow and brown stains must be removed.

To do this, it will be enough to throw around 3 cups of white vinegar to the interior of the WC trying to soak all the internal surface, included the places or concavities where the water is discharged in the cup.

Then, it will have to be left for an entire night. Finally, remove it with the brush and use a cleaner, disinfectant and a deodorized for the toilet.

White vinegar is ideal for descaling tartar. Vinegar acids change the pH and soften the tartar.

Eliminate the smell by cleaning the pipes

Related to the previous point, the drainage pipes and the siphon are exposed to gradually decant and incrust residues inside. It's commond to form a true layer of scale with all kinds of bacteria that cause bad smells.

That is why I recommend you to mafe often a deeper cleaning to prevent in part, the formation of these residues. To do this, you can use about 200 ml of white vinegar in warm water plus 100 gr. of sodium bicarbonate that was thrown into the toilet. Let it rest for a pair of hours and then pull the chain, with that the solution passes through the pipes.

It can help to soften the lime or dirt inside the pipes and also, you can use hot water and soap repeating the action a few times, clean as far as possible, the bathroom pipes.

Ventilation of the WC

A bath necessarily must have a ventilation and these can be natural for example, with windows that allow the passage of air.

In the case, that it is a bath without windows, exists some ventilation duct that allows to connect the bath with the external air. In general, this duct is towards the cover, throwing the scent to the 4 winds.

Well, the problems that can arise from this type of ventilation are mainly a bad design. Bad installation or an obstruction of the duct that generates little or no ventilation of the bathroom.

It produces in the bathroom a watertight air and odors to biological residues also added to the humidity.

In this type of situation, a qualified person should evaluate the problem and formulate a solution that allows good ventilation and reduces, to a great extent, the bad smell.

If you have a low budget or just cannot spend money in a qualified review, you can just use an environmental deodorant as a patch solution.

Bathroom Odor | Final Words

Indeed, the bad smells present in a bathroom are something unpleasant that can affect or hinder our day to day and generating more of some irritation or discomfort.

That is why, necessarily to solve this type of problem you must resort to a trained or competent professional to avoid certain solutions of patches or trapicheos. With the time that will not solve the problem. Even can be more expensive. Specially when it is something more than a periodic cleaning since this way, it will persist or it will return with time.

If the odour is not the result of an internal toilet cleaning or cleanliness, turn to someone with the right skills and certification to get rid of the root problem.

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