Best Antivirus for Mac in 2019

Best Antivirus

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of times that Macs don’t have viruses and don’t need antivirus software to be safe.

Best Antivirus for Mac

This is not true today. Viruses do exist, and although their volume and dangerousness is not as high as in other operating systems, they do have to be taken into account, more and more every day.

The popularity of Macs has caused virus and other malware writers to become more fixated on the platform and so antivirus software may become necessary on the computer.

In the market there are dozens of options, some more complete and others less. Some backed by a large security company behind and others created by small teams. Choosing one is not always easy and that is why we have prepared this compilation with the best antivirus for Mac (macOS).

CleanMyMac X

We have long recommended this application and with the new MacPaw version, its developers have decided to include a new feature to protect Macs against malware and make them safer, reducing the risk of being infected by software of this type.

CleanMyMac X has all the functions of previous versions of the application (trash file cleaning, performance optimization for the computer, uninstaller of apps…), but now also includes this function of protection against malicious software that makes it even more recommendable software than it already was.

The malware removal module scans very quickly and in a matter of seconds is able to detect if your Mac is infected by any type of malware and if so can do the cleaning right away.


Mac Internet Security X9 by Intego

It’s one of the most complete options on the market today and is backed by a company specializing in Mac that has been doing things very well for a long time (specifically since 1997), Intego.

This security suite consists of two applications: VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9.

The first deals with protecting against viruses and any other type of malware the Mac. It receives constant updates of the threat database, offers real-time protection against infections and can also perform automatic in-depth scans following a schedule that you can set from its simple user interface.

It also has protection for iOS devices that is able to detect viruses in emails received on devices as long as they are connected to the Mac.

The second application, NetBarrier X9, controls all incoming and outgoing equipment connections. It is a firewall with a very simple user interface and warnings that anyone can understand.


Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Lab is one of the most recognized security companies in the world and in the macOS environment they are doing very well with their virus and malware protection software.

The brand offers several protection products and we believe that this list should not miss its most complete option: Kaspersky Total Security for Mac.

It has a user interface with a nice design and very easy to use. However, it does not forget to include all kinds of security options, from protection against viruses and spyware to other options such as warning of dangerous websites, extra security in banking operations, parental protection system, password manager or backup function with encrypted files.


Bitdefender Antivirus

Another very good option to improve the security of Macs is Bitdefender Antivirus.

It has real-time protection against viruses and malware, as well as the ability to perform fast or comprehensive on-demand scans whenever you need them (very useful when you connect a hard drive or removable pendrive).

Bitdefender Antivirus also has features for annoying adware blocking and Autopilot, a feature designed to inform you at all times of the potential risks of accessing certain websites or alerting you in the event of a security problem.

The software has recently added a VPN feature to improve security and privacy when surfing the Internet in a virtually transparent manner.


Avast Security

It is probably the best known free antivirus software on the market and also has a version for Apple computers.

The free version of Avast offers protection against viruses and other malware, warnings about unsafe websites and also offers the possibility of analyzing WiFi networks to determine whether they are safe or not.

In addition, the threat database is constantly updated and the software has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Avast Security Pro, the paid version of the software, offers extra features that are worth paying for. The first of these is the possibility of receiving security alerts on WiFi networks in real time, which helps to detect possible intruders and similar problems.

The second, and for me the most important, is that it can stop ransomware attacks. This means that you can protect your files (photos, videos, documents…) from unwanted changes such as encryption.



Another good option if you want to protect your Mac but don’t want to pay for antivirus software. Avira has a completely free version accessible to all macOS users.

Unlike other options, the free version of Avira does not include all the functions of the other antivirus programs mentioned above (for example, in order to be able to scan USB drives, it is necessary to upgrade to the paid version).

But it does include the basic functions of real time protection, complete analysis of the equipment, etc, etc…

In addition, the consumption of resources on the computer is higher than most of its competitors, although we have still decided to include it in this list of best antivirus because it offers good protection resident on the computer itself.


Do I really need an antivirus on my Mac?

As I said at the beginning of the compilation of better antivirus for Mac, the presence of viruses and other types of malware is increasing although it does not reach the levels of other operating systems such as Windows.

In addition, it is also important to mention that becoming infected by a virus is more complex, as macOS includes native protections to prevent unauthorized software executions.

From my point of view and bearing this in mind, I would recommend the installation of anti-virus software to users with little technical knowledge and on shared computers where different users install applications or connect removable drives (public computers or family computer type).

In this way the risks are reduced and it will be more difficult for the Mac to become infected.

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