What are the best applications for bloggers

Best applications for bloggers

I remember when I was in college I didn’t like to write. I thought that mine would be another field of action where gathering words was not the way to express myself.

best applications for bloggers

Although everything changed once I created a blog with the simple idea of sharing my tastes about cinema.

It was a blog with a very simple visual, without much gadgetry, but with good content, where trial and error were a constant in writing.

It was then that I began to fall in love with the art of writing, together with my passion for cinema.

Now I think how nice the blog would have been if by then I could have had the applications we have now. Don’t miss a single one on our list.


If you are interested in having your blog for sure you already have a WordPress account and you are reviewing templates for the design of it.

The WordPress app works very similarly to its web version, as you have the ability to write, edit and publish your entries, in addition, you have control over metrics on visits, comments and configuration.


Meticulousness and order is a fundamental part of a good blogger. Inspiration can come at any time, whether at home on the desk or on the subway on the way to meet your friends.

Evernote is that notebook on your smartphone where you can write down and record absolutely all the ideas you have in your head, structure them and order them.

This agenda will allow you to have everything at hand, since with its lists, events and reminders everything will be in its precise place.


Pablo Picasso once said that “great artists copy, but the best steal”. Starting from that premise, which should not be taken literally, in art, which in this case is to be a blogger, to look for content and see what is being done in the field is a fundamental part of daily work.

With Feedly you will be able to keep up to date with the publications of other blogs or websites that talk about the topics that interest you.

The app arranges them in an optimal and intelligent way, facilitating the task of reviewing one by one trying to find some valuable idea that you can apply in your blog.


Storytelling is exciting, and we all have one to tell. So what better way to do it than with photos, videos, and text? Steller allows you to tell your stories using these three ways, making you a star of the Instagram type publications and stories with a Pinterest style finish.

 This application will fully introduce you to the social media world, which is undoubtedly your strongest channel for sharing your blog posts.


Photo editing reaches another level with this application. Full of filters and tools to edit your photos, VSCO also has a wide range of filters that you can buy for a few dollars.

As most photo editors work, upload the image and test it with their tools and features, until you fully customize your photo directly from your smartphone.

Finally, this application is also a kind of social network, so you can share and see what other artists are doing.


What a problem it is to find a good image on the Internet that is free of copyright, because this subject of authorship is very sensitive, and should be respected much more.

Pexels is an application that has a wide arsenal of unlicensed images that are ready for you to download so you can decorate your publications if you’re not really into photography but rather video or text.  

Word Swag

Of all the applications we have mentioned, this is the only one that is not free, but is completely worth the expense.

Content managers have a very limited list of typographies, so many times stories with images and videos tend to be a little standardized in their texts.

Word Swag is an extensive catalog of fonts and fonts ready to decorate and make much more personal publications on your blog.

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