Which are the best browsers for Android

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  1. Google Chrome: simple, functional and effective
  2. Mozilla Firefox: extra features and friendly interface
  3. UC Browser: total speed
  4. Dolphin Browser: power and speed
  5. Opera: saving data and space
  6. Puffin Browser: When customization is what you are looking for
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Google Chrome: simple, functional and effective

Without a good browser for your Android, you can not take full advantage of your data connection or your WiFi, so today we offer you the list of the best Internet browsers for your smartphone.

best browsers for Android

You will gain efficiency and speed in your connection!

Probably the most used, especially because it is pre-installed on many smartphones. Simple, simple and functional, few complaints we can have of Chrome.

If you don't want to or can't type, your voice search is more than effective. You can sync your Gmail so all your bookmarks and accounts are on your mobile and PC at the same time.

The speed is good and the interface simple. Allows us to open incognito tabs (without leaving a trace on the device when navigating).

Chrome is concerned about data consumption and can activate the Data Saving function, which compresses websites to save up to 60% of megabytes. It's free if it's not already installed on your smartphone.

Mozilla Firefox: extra features and friendly interface

It is probably the great competitor of Google Chrome, and is that Firefox is one of the star browsers in desktop computers and laptops, especially in Linux, and smartphones is not left behind.

Its interface is clean and clear, without complications, and in just a few touches we will have reached any part of the application.

It has a few more features you can't get in Chrome like watching videos with the screen off or saving a PDF page.

Firefox is free and allows, in turn, the installation of add-ons such as Adblock or others. The overall speed of navigation is good and is a great friend of privacy.

UC Browser: total speed

This is an Android browser of Chinese origin that accumulates millions of downloads in Google Play.

In recent months its evolution has been spectacular, ranking among the most used. The key to the fast browsing experience with UC Browser, is the compression of data from the websites we open, being perfect for downloading videos and music.

Its interface is not the most beautiful thing in the world, but it fulfills its function without any problem.

Through the cloud you can synchronize bookmarks and tabs between devices you have with the same Google account or Facebook. The browser is completely free, and deserves, at least, that you try it, because it will not leave you indifferent.

Dolphin Browser: power and speed

One of the most powerful browsers for Android, but unfortunately, not as well known. Little by little they have improved, creating a simpler interface but with an endless number of complements, such as screenshots, PDF converter, translator ...

The key to Dolphin Browser is that it has always incorporated Flash player, not being necessary to install it.

The browser in general is very fast and you will be able to synchronize it with your PC browsers, even if you don't use the same program as on your smartphone.

Opera: saving data and space

I must admit that I've never been a big fan of Opera, but I couldn't miss it here, especially since they renovated its entire interface and made it much simpler, which also makes it faster.

It has the area with news suggestions, which functions as a feed in which news are appearing by categories.

Opera also compresses the navigation data, so that we save a few megabytes when surfing the Internet. This also increases the connection speed, and according to them, you will be able to save 80% of the navigation data.

It is free and the connection speed is good, but not as good as its competitors.

Puffin Browser: When customization is what you are looking for

An interesting option, not only because of all the customization options it presents, but also because it emulates the cursor of a mouse and includes its own keyboard with shortcuts to copy, cut and paste, among other functions.

In addition, transfer the material to servers in the cloud before displaying it on your device, which increases its speed and efficiency.

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