Blackcurrant : health benefits and virtues


The blackcurrant, whose name is ribes nigrum, is a bushy fruit tree from 1 m to 1.50 m high and whose fruit offers many health benefits and virtues.

Originally from Europe and Asia, it belongs to the family of rosaceae. The blackcurrant has been cultivated since the end of the 16th century for its culinary appeal, both in jams and in desserts and cakes.

Blackcurrant Benefits

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Blackcurrant and its health benefits

Blackcurrant has long been recognized for its many health benefits and virtues.

If the blackcurrant berry weighs only a few grams, it is very rich in vitamin C.

Blackcurrant leaves have diuretic and anti-rheumatic virtues. They cause the elimination of uric acid and purines and are therefore recommended in the general treatment of arthritis and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

It also appears that blackcurrant leaves activate cortisol production by the adrenal glands and thus stimulate the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Thus, they would contribute to reduce the effects of stress.

Do you suffer from mouth ulcers or sore throats? In gargle, blackcurrant works miracles.

Blackcurrant juice has a general tonic effect during the infection process and strengthens resistance to infection.

Did you know that?

Internal use :

Juice, syrup, blackcurrant jelly: prepared with the berries. Remedies, but also delicious sweets. Consume as soon as you look for the therapeutic virtues of blackcurrant.

Blackcurrant wine: macerate for 3 days 500 g of berries in 1 l of red wine. Pass through a sieve, add a sugar syrup. Consume a glass before each meal. Against lymphatic, nutritional diseases and age disorders.

Blackcurrant cream: in a jar, put the fruit in a dry state, alternating a layer of fruit and a layer of powdered sugar. Cover, leave to macerate for several months, adding from time to time. Then filter, you will get a liquor with a delicious taste.

Blackcurrant infusion: 50 g of blackcurrant leaves per liter of boiling water. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes and consume 3 cups per day between meals. Against rheumatism. To be effective, the cure must last at least 6 months.

External use :

Against insect stings such as wasps and hornets, they crumple the blackcurrant leaves and squeeze the juice at the painful point. The pain stops very quickly and the swelling goes down.

Cultivate blackcurrant for its benefits

Blackcurrants seek sunny or slightly shady exposure. It needs a soil rich in humus, fresh but not soggy. Mostly, blackcurrants are afraid of sandy soil.


If the season turns out to be rainy, it is important to treat systematically against powdery mildew (parasitic fungus).

Blackcurrant pots?

In a pot, the blackcurrant thrives perfectly in a container that is more than 30 cm long.

Beware of the little beasts!

Blackcurrant has a lot to do with aphids, powdery mildew and blackcurrant mite (a mite that causes blisters on sprouts). Beware also of bacterial spots on the leaves.

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Blackcurrant in the kitchen for its benefits

Blackcurrant is used to make delicious jams, but also coulis, syrups and liqueurs. It has antioxidant properties.

Nutrient Intake :

the health benefits and virtues of blackcurrant

73 kcal/100 g. Blackcurrant leaves contain flavonoids (an important source of antioxidants), tannins and an aromatic essence.

Its fruits contain sugars, pectin (ideal for jams), anthocyanosides (natural pigments from leaves, petals and fruits) and a lot of vitamin C.

– about 200 mg per 100 g. Vitamin C from blackcurrant is very stable and stays surprisingly well (unlike vitamin C from citrus and other plants).

– Finally, blackcurrant is rich in vitamins B9 and beta-carotene and provides potassium and manganese.

Gourmet ideas :

Blackcurrant cream, blackcurrant cake, blackcurrant jam, blackcurrant syrup or macaroons… Blackcurrant is the king of sweet recipes.

But don’t hesitate to mix it with salt, as an accompaniment to duck breasts for example, you will be surprised by the flavors it gives off.

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