How to Block a Number in Android

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  1. Blocking a Number
    1. The procedure to carry out this manipulation is very easy and simple to implement:
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Blocking a Number

How to block a number in Android? Complete guide

Today, almost everyone is bothered by the numbers that keep calling us. It can be an unknown number, a hidden number or a visible number.

Block a Number in Android

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In any case, everyone has their reasons for responding (or not) to a phone call.

Whether on Android or iOS, it is possible to block a phone number that looks suspicious or is not expected of you.

To avoid calls being rejected by mistake, it is strongly recommended to have an updated address book with everyone's business and personal numbers.

That way, when you are called, your name will appear on the screen and you will know who is contacting you.

In this article, we will see how to block a phone number in Android, simply and easily.

Block a number easily in Android

The procedure to carry out this manipulation is very easy and simple to implement:

Press the number (or contact if registered) in question,

A menu appears after pressing the three points in the vertical direction,

Select "Block number".

Depending on the overlay installed by the operators, it is possible to have other names, such as "Transfer calls to voice mail" and "Add to blacklist".

As you will see, most calls will be forwarded to your mailbox. It is not possible to block it permanently.

This is an action that is reserved for the operator only. The only possibility you have is to redirect these calls to your mailbox.

A trick to block several numbers at the same time

As you can imagine, blocking several numbers can be tedious following the above manipulation.

We have a little trick that will help you make this task easier and more enjoyable to perform on a daily basis. Just follow these steps:

Create a new contact that you will call "Black List" (or other).

Add up all the numbers you want to block.

Block the contact as we saw before.

Add numbers over time to "swell" this unwanted contact.

This method is often used by Android users, including us.

Using an application to block one or more numbers

There are several applications on the market to block one or more numbers.

You can name it "Block a number: Calls and SMS - Black list of calls". It is a software that can be found in the Google Play Store.

We like it very much in writing, because it allows us to go further in certain actions. For example, we can filter calls, but also messages received by SMS. This filtering is very advanced.

You can do it according to the contacts, but also according to the time of day that bothers you. The time slots can be configured according to the day, as you wish, according to your needs.

It is possible to block one or more numbers when you work from Monday to Friday, but let them contact you on Saturdays and Sundays.

We chose this application for several reasons:

It seems to respect the privacy of the users,

The proposed functionalities are efficient and meet our expectations,

She is not very greedy for resources.

There are many other applications available on the market. Some are interesting, others are not. You have to be very careful with the quality of the private data, but also with the resources used.

Applications on Android are suspect when they consume a lot of resources and can damage the health of your smartphone.

Some of the applications can be searched for viruses with some APPs in the Google Play or App Store. These applications can check your cell phone.

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