How to block artists in Spotify


The new feature of the Spotify application is only available to some users, but it is believed that with the days it will reach all mobile devices.

Everyone has an artist or several that they don’t want to hear by chance, which is why Spotify will allow you to block any musician that you don’t want to come across in the app.How to block artists in Spotify

This will be very useful, since when someone is enjoying a playlist, an artist may appear who is not to their liking and is forced to change the song.

Thousands of users around the world have been asking for this option to be implemented for several years and it was only in 2017 that they pronounced on the matter and said they were not going to enable it.

However, from the Thurrot website, which specializes in technology, they indicated that the option is already available to some users.

How to block an artist?

To block an artist you only have to follow a few simple steps that will not take more than a few seconds.

First you must find the profile of the artist or band you no longer want to listen to. When you access, you will see three small dots in the upper right, you have to click on them and you will see 4 options. You have to press the one that says “Don’t listen to this artist.

After this option has been activated, the musician will no longer appear in the personal library, playlists, radios and genre lists.

When you try to play a song by the artist you blocked, Spotify won’t let you play it. However, songs in which the singer or band appears in collaboration with other musicians will continue to appear in the application.

This feature, so far, is only available for some iOS devices, but is believed to be a matter of days for it to reach all devices and also for Android.

If you decide to block an artist, their songs will stop playing in your library, radios, playlists and anywhere else. You won’t even be able to manually play an artist’s song, you’ll need to unlock the artist first.

No more listening to music you don’t like

With the press of a button you will stop listening to the music of the singer you want.

Blocking an artist is really easy. Simply type his name in the search engine and access his profile.

Once there, locate the three dots in the upper right corner, click on them and select “Don’t listen to this artist”. Once this is done, the singer will be blocked and you will never hear a single song of his (more or less) again.

In doing so, the singer will be blocked from your personal library, playlists (own and created by other users), radios and genre lists.

You can check it by trying to play a song of his, no matter how much you click on the title the app doesn’t open it. However, the songs in which he appears as a collaborator will continue to be played.

Even if you block an artist, the songs in which he appears as a collaborator will continue to be played.

If you’re listening to a playlist and it’s the turn of an artist’s song, Spotify will automatically skip it, as if it weren’t there. To listen to their music again, you will have to repeat the process described above and unlock it, except that the button you will have to press is “Remove”.

The function, as we said before, is only available in the iOS application (we have been able to access it in version

If you don’t see it, check the App Store to see if you have a pending update. As for Android, at the moment it is not activated, but it would not be uncommon for it to be activated in a matter of days.

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