How to block calls on your Android

Block calls on your Android

Many times when we are asked for our telephone number, we give it without stopping to think about the consequences.

Then come telemarketing campaigns, for example, and we can no longer delete the number from the database.How to block calls on your Android

In addition, we sometimes have contacts that we don’t want to receive calls from. Here’s how to block incoming calls on Android.

Block calls in Android stock

Android has by default an option to block calls from chosen contacts. To block a contact’s calls go to the Contacts or Calls application and choose the contact you no longer want to receive calls from.

This method only works on Android stock versions, i.e. the basic version of the operating system. Some manufacturers are redesigning Android for their devices, so the locking system will be different, as we’ll see later.

Click on the edit contact icon, which is shaped like a pencil. Once you are not in edit mode, click on the three points at the top right to open the menu. Check the ‘To voicemail‘ option and all calls from this contact will be automatically forwarded.

If you want to reverse the lock just go back and uncheck ‘To voicemail’.

Block calls by manufacturer

Some manufacturers change the contact blocking function or include their own system for blocking calls. Here’s the method of the major manufacturers.


Most Samsung devices have their own option to block calls. You can find this option in your own telephone application by clicking on More > Settings > Call blocking > Blocked numbers.

In this option we will be able to enter a phone number manually, search for a number in the call log or choose a contact.

You can also block all anonymous calls. To remove a number from the list just click on the negative symbol to the right of the blocked number.

Block calls in Samsung 


The Chinese manufacturer has its own system for blocking incoming calls. If we want to block a number that we have stored, we must enter their contact.

Once there, press Menu (bottom right). Now you have two options, either Add to blacklist (this number will not be able to contact us) or press All calls to voicemail.

We can also do the same with a number that has called us but we do not have saved in the agenda. Just find it in the call log, click on the circle with the letter “i” (information), then on Menu > Add to blacklist


To manage call blocking in the HTC Sense interface, go to the Contacts application. Once we open the menu and choose Manage Contacts > Blocked Contacts > Add, you can enter either a manual number or choose a contact.


In the case of LG blocking incoming calls from a specific number is very similar to the stock version. Go to the Contacts application and choose the tab for a specific contact. Display the menu and select ‘Add to Rejected List’.


To manage call blocking in Xperia we must access Settings > Calls > Call blocking, within this option you can enter a number or choose contacts.

Applications to block calls

If the options given to you by the manufacturer seem too few you can manage even better the blocking of calls with any of these applications.

1. Mr. Number

This free application allows you to select a series of contacts to create a blacklist. You only have to register indicating the country and your phone number, then the application will show you a list of recent calls.

At the top you will find a forbidden icon which will take you to the blocking list where you can insert the contacts you want to block. You can download this application from the following link:

2. Call blocker

With this application you can not only block calls but also messages from people you want. At the same time, it offers us the possibility of creating a private area where to maintain hidden contacts, records of calls and messages, option of which we will only have indefinitely in the version Pro, of payment. You can download this App from the following link:

3. Call Control

On a visual level this is the most interesting application although the problem is that it is in English.

The great advantage over the previous options is that it is totally free and the disadvantage is that some functions are only available in the United States. If you decide for this option you can download it from the following link:

So much for our tips for blocking calls on your Android. If you know any other method or application to carry it out, do not hesitate to share it with us.

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