How to know if you were blocked in Instagram

Blocked in Instagram

Did he block me or not? This is the question that worries many social network users on a daily basis.

blocked in Instagram

Thanks to the technologies provided by each of the platforms, we can get rid of boring followers or just do it for the sake of it.

But when you’re blocked, how do you know?

As easy as looking for it

Some known networks in the world, such as Twitter, tell you clearly that another user has blocked you. But other applications, such as WhatsApp or Instagram, do not notify this social veto.

However, there are simple signs and tricks that let you know if your account has been compromised.

For example, in the specific case of Instagram, if you suspect that a user, whether a friend, ex or co-worker has blocked you, you should only write their name in the search engine of the application.

A clear sign of your social veto will be that you do not see their user, which may indicate that you have deleted, or that you have deleted their account.

If you still have doubts and have had conversations with that person through this application, you can go to any of his direct messages and click on his name. In case he blocked you, his profile will go out without publications, which will be a direct message: he cut relations with you.

A blockade on the Stories

There is a way for the user to stop viewing stories from other profiles they have in their contacts without the need to block.

In this case, checking who has decided to stop seeing yours is somewhat more complicated than in the previous situation.

You will only be able to perceive that someone has stopped following you if, among the people who watch your stories, it has stopped appearing continuously among your followers.

If it is repeated several times, at different times and on different days, one thing is clear: it blocked you.

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