How to know if you have been blocked in Whatsapp

Blocked in Whatsapp

Doesn’t he seem to get the messages? Doesn’t he answer? Maybe that contact blocked you in WhatsApp.

Today everything is connected, and social networks have rewritten the way we communicate, relate and share our lives.

In fact, that’s the key: sharing. And WhatsApp is basically the queen, because it’s the application we use most every day and in which we share all kinds of secrets, from messages to photos, voice notes, videos and even documents.blocked in Whatsapp

This way of relating digitally has its own official rules and also unwritten rules, and between them nothing says as much as being blocked by a contact.

How To Know If You’ve Been Blocked On WhatsApp

A direct block is basically a statement of someone’s intentions regarding a contact. It’s ‘I’m fed up, I don’t want to know anything more about you’.

And WhatsApp, the app that has connected to the world and has also broken more relationships, allows you to do the same: block a contact so you don’t have to read, listen or see anything else about him or her.

Do you think someone has blocked you in WhatsApp? Although there is no direct way to see it, there are several indicators that together are a very efficient indicator of it:

Last connection time / Online callsign

Online and last time information indicates when your contacts last used WhatsApp, or if they are online.

If a contact is online, it means that WhatsApp is open in the foreground on the device and is connected to the Internet.

However, this does not mean that the person has read the message. The last time information indicates the time your contact last used WhatsApp. You can show or hide your last time in WhatsApp’s privacy settings.

If you don’t see a contact’s last time, you may have configured their privacy settings to hide this information, but the contact may also have blocked you.

Profile Photo

There are those who put a photo or image in WhatsApp’s profile and don’t change it in years, and there are those who change it from time to time.

If you know that your contact often modifies the profile picture but you have been seeing it for some time, this is another indication that you have been blocked.

Message sent but not delivered

The usual course of a message is that after writing it and hitting Send we leave the chat window with a tick or grey popcorn (from ‘message sent’), and then with two tics or grey popcorn (from ‘message delivered’) until it is seen by the contact.

But if the message is left with only one popcorn and nothing bad happens on the WhatsApp servers or our own network connection, then it is a sign of it, as all messages sent to a contact that has blocked you are left with only one tick/popc.

You can’t call that contact

When someone blocks us on WhatsApp, it cuts communication at all levels, and that includes not only the messages, but also the option of voice calls and video-calls by WhatsApp. If you see that you can not call that contact, there you have the 4th indicative of the block.

If you see that all these conditions are met, the contact may have blocked you. According to WhatsApp itself, “We’ve designed this ambiguously to protect your privacy if you decide to block a contact. For this reason, we can’t tell you if someone has blocked you.”

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