How To Recover Files From A Broken Smartphone

Recover Files

Did you break your phone? Did some unexpected accident cause tremendous damage?

Before sending it to repair and lose all the data it contains, it is possible to recover all the photos and other memories you have inside.Recover Files From A Smartphone

Now we’re going to teach you how to recover files from a damaged smartphone.

How to recover files from an Android with the help of a computer

To recover data from your damaged smartphone you can count on the help of your computer.

Before we start we must activate the USB debugging in the configuration of the Android device, to ensure that the smartphone will be recognized by the PC.

It may happen that even if the smartphone connects to the computer we can’t find the data we were looking for. Don’t worry, there are a number of very useful programs to solve this type of problem.

Wondershare MobileGo Android is an easy-to-use PC application. Just follow a few small steps to achieve your goal:

  • Start the program.
  • Connect your smartphone via a USB cable.
  • Wait a few seconds…
  • Once it recognizes the device, it selects the place where the data will be stored.
  • Then select the files you want to transfer.
  • Wait till the transfer’s over.

How to retrieve data with a broken screen

If you still see it but the screen doesn’t respond

Your smartphone has fallen and now it’s impossible to use? This is one of the most common cases: the device is on, but the screen is black and does not respond when touched. Although the screen is broken we can recover the data and files.

For terminals that support the USB OTG protocol, the screen can be controlled using a computer mouse.

Just connect the mouse, or much better a combo mouse and keyboard, to your smartphone via a cable or USB OTG connector and we will have the mouse pointer ready to click. This way you can use the device as if it were a computer.

If the display does not look very good or is turned off

Another option is to take control of your smartphone directly from your PC. There are applications like AirDroid with which we can take control of the device but we have to have them installed before the accident happens.

Cyanogen co-founder Koushik Dutta has developed Vysor, with which we can control our smartphone from a computer.

For it we must install the application in the terminal, which we can send it from Google Play, logged with our account from the computer.

Now install the plug-in for Chrome and the drivers and you’re ready to go. Here are detailed instructions for installing and using Vysor.

With it we have the opportunity to see the screen of the Android device on a computer, as if it were just another window. To use it, we need several things:

  • Have installed the Android SDK (comes with Android Studio).
  • In a Windows command window (run> cmd) point where the Android SDK is with: set ANDROID_HOME=C: installation path android-sdk
  • To have the USB drivers of the Android device installed.
  • Connect the Android device via a USB cable to the computer with USB debugging enabled.
  • Execute the JAR file we just downloaded with the command: java -jar droidAtScreen-1.2.jar

After a few seconds we will have a window with the screen of our smartphone.

Prevention is important: make backups

Our smartphones contain a series of very sensitive data that it is convenient to secure. There are several ways to do this: hide the files you want to protect, block applications to restrict access, use guest mode, back up to the cloud, or set passwords for applications.

The best way to secure all the data contained in our smartphone is to back it up periodically. In other words, keep a copy of the data so that you can recover it even if you lose the device.

There are several applications to make backups in Google Play with which we can transfer data and make a back up on our computer.

In a few steps we can have our data safe. Easy Backup is a simple application that allows us to save our data in the cloud or SD card.

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