How is bronchitis treated? Here are 5 natural remedies that relieve

Ahh... Bronchitis... You would recognize it almost anywhere for its more than annoying characteristic symptoms.

There is fatigue and headaches, of course. However, the worst, of course, is the famous fatty cough and excess mucus, which almost always results in chest pains.


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These big coughing fits sometimes even make us feel like we're coughing into our lungs!

Poorly treated, it can quickly degenerate into superinfection, so it is advisable to act.

Fortunately, you can improve your condition with natural ingredients and be relieved at the first symptoms.

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1) Salt water

It may seem very basic, but often it is the simplest remedies that surprise us the most. Here, there's nothing better for decongesting the chest, soothing a sore throat, and removing mucus.

To do this, boil 200 ml of water. Remove from heat, add salt (20 g) and mix well. You can also use baking soda to replace the salt.

These two ingredients help soothe sore throats! So take a sip and gargle for a minute. Repeat about 5 times a day to relieve a persistent cough.

2) Lemon or ginger infusion to stimulate the immune system.

The lemon is rich in vitamin C and is very antioxidant. Thanks to this, bacteria are eradicated from your respiratory tract.

To use it, take a lemon and 250 ml of water. Heat the water, but not too much so as not to destroy the fragile vitamin C of the lemon.

Then add your lemon juice and mix. Wait about 5 minutes and then drink this drink with some thyme or rosemary honey (preferably).

You can also boil a few slices of fresh ginger in 200 ml water with a teaspoon of pepper.

After filtering, all you have to do is add honey and drink it twice a day. This infusion will make you benefit from the expectorant effects of ginger to clear your bronchial tubes. In addition, it will calm the inflammation of the lungs.

3) Herbal Tea

Of course, thyme tea is classically known to cure all viral infections. We also know that marshmallow or licorice infusions soothe the cough and irritation that cause sore throats. However, these are not the only options!

  • Eucalyptus

It's a great classic for the sick! It is antibacterial, decongestant and expectorant, which makes it one of the best natural remedies for bronchitis.

It can be used in inhalation to allow easier expulsion of the mucus, but also in infusion to take advantage of its properties. Here, count 15 minutes of infusion for 10 g of fresh eucalyptus leaves in one liter of boiling water.

  • Big mauve

It has anti-inflammatory and expectorant powers. Mucus is more easily expelled thanks to it and the layers that cover the bronchial tubes become nothing more than an ugly memory.

To do this, one is armed with 50 g of large mallow flowers thrown in a liter of water. Then you boil everything for 20 minutes. Drink three cups a day, sweetening it with honey when it suits you.

4) Home made cough syrup

First, we can make one with oregano. We love it in our pizzas and in our dishes, but besides its great taste, it also provides many antioxidants and phenolic acids.

It is often used to aid digestion, but also has tonic, expectorant, antibiotic, and diaphoretic properties.

It helps the body to detoxify, which can create a small feeling of tiredness that can be relieved by drinking lots of water.

To make a syrup, cook 40 g of oregano in a frying pan over low heat. Add it to 500 g of honey in an airtight jar or container. Then take one spoonful a day.

You can also simply cut an onion into thin rings and cover it with honey. After half a day of preparation, this super syrup will work wonders.

6) Essential oils, these natural remedies useful in case of bronchitis.

Essential oils can be used for inhalation or diffusion through a diffuser.

This helps clean the air in the patient's room or living room and decongest it.

In this case, the essential oil of ravintsara is particularly recommended for its anti-viral and anti-infection properties.

In addition, you can use the essential oil of lemon, eucalyptus radiata or rosemary cineol to purify the air.

However, you can also dilute it in vegetable oil (1 drop of EO for 4 of oil) to massage the chest and upper back.

Of course, these local applications should be avoided in pregnant or lactating women and young children.

The best massage oils are:

  • Eucalyptus irradiated essential oil that is antiviral, bactericidal, expectorant, mucolytic and immunostimulant.
  • The niaouli with expectorant, immunostimulant, antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • The red myrtle, sworn enemy of the fat cough, which releases bronchial tubes and bronchioles with its unbeatable expectorant powers.

Remember that these natural remedies for grandmother's bronchitis do not replace the advice of a health care professional. So remember to consult a doctor and ask your pharmacist for advice - with medication and these natural solutions, bronchitis will be quickly forgotten!

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  1. 1) Salt water
  2. 2) Lemon or ginger infusion to stimulate the immune system.
  3. 3) Herbal Tea
  4. 4) Home made cough syrup
  5. 6) Essential oils, these natural remedies useful in case of bronchitis.
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