How to take a screenshot on the Nintendo Switch and share it on social networks

How to take a screenshot in Nintendo Switch and share it.

The Nintendo Switch has a screen capture system to share pictures or videos of your games. Here’s how to save the screen and then share the result on Facebook or Twitter.


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The operation works the same way in both the classic Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Lite Switch.

Imagine yourself in a Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda BoTW, Animal Crossing New Horizons or any other game of your Nintendo Switch in front of a beautiful landscape.

Would you like to take a screenshot and share it at sociaux ? The Nintendo Switch offers a complete screen capture system, either photo or video, and even a sharing module for Facebook and Twitter. Here’s how to get the most out of this menu.

Take a screenshot at Switch

To take a screenshot, nothing could be easier: Nintendo has placed a specific button on the left console.

This small square button at the bottom of the controller allows you to capture an image at any time (or almost) by simply pressing it. A notification will then confirm that the capture has been saved.

But the Switch also allows you to take video captures! To take them, just hold the button until the console tells you that the video is saved. This way, the last 30 seconds of game play will be saved.

Edit a screenshot

After taking a screenshot, you will find it in the console photo album. It is easily recognizable with its icon representing a landscape photo.

When you open one of the images, you can delete it by pressing X, hide it by pressing +, modify it or publish it by pressing A.

If you want to modify it or publish it, the only possible modification is to add a text. This is a fairly basic feature since it is impossible to choose the font: you can only change its color, size, position and orientation.

As for the modification of the videos, it proposes cutting certain passages to shorten them or extracting a single image from them.

Share your screenshot

Switch screenshots are easily shared on social networks. To do so, click Publish after pressing A when the screenshot is open to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also have the image recorded on the microSD card. To check this, go to Settings, then to the Data Management tab, and finally to Screenshot and Video Management.

Once there, the console will ask you if the screenshots are stored in its internal memory or on the microSD card.

This way, you can quickly transfer your screenshots to your PC via the memory card and preserve your best game memories forever.

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