How To Care For Your Skin In The Winter Tips

8 Tips for Winter Skin Care

How can I take care of my face from the cold? How do I protect my skin in the winter?

What’s good for skin that’s exposed to the cold? The skin becomes very sensitive and dry during the winter season.

Here we give you 8 homemade tips to take care of the cold skin.

  1. Avoid very hot showers to avoid dry skin. It’s best to bathe in warm water.
  2. Use moisturizing and moisturizing soaps. Your skin needs to be protected from the cold and naturally moisturized.
  3. Moisturizing creams are also important for skin care during the winter. Find the right cream for day and night to moisturize your skin. The face, arms, hands and legs become so dry from the cold that they are often clouded and peeled by low temperatures.
  4. Exfoliating soaps and masks are intended to remove dead cells and color your face in cold weather. Do this trick once a week.
  5. And did you already look for an eye cream? This is the most sensitive and delicate area of the face. Apply an eye cream twice a day, in the morning and at night. It is very important that you protect the area of your eyes that are always exposed to cold.
  6. Your face dries out even more if you don’t remove makeup from your face every day. If you are someone who always likes to wear makeup, use blush or compact moisturizing powders, which are not powder. Use sunscreen and creamy lipsticks to moisturize your lips from the cold.
  7. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water during the day to prevent your skin from losing its natural shine and aging faster.

8. Food is also very important. Eat fruits such as kiwi, peach, melon, and other vegetables such as spinach containing vitamin A and vitamin B8 such as strawberry and banana.

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