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How to do abdominal breathing exercises at home

Exercises Doing abdominal breathing exercises will help you stay in shape and also relieve anxiety.
allergies occur

How do allergies occur?

Allergies Sneezing, itching, dry cough... Spring is in full swing and, with it, allergies and their annoying symptoms have...
symptoms of thyroid disease in women

What are the symptoms of thyroid disease in women?

Symptoms of Thyroid The thyroid is a small gland about 5 cm in diameter in the front of the...

What is the source of anxiety?

Fuente de ansiedad Anxiety is, in many circumstances, a normal response that occurs when a person perceives a possible...
Panic Attacks

How to Overcome Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks A panic attack is an intense sense of fear that appears suddenly, accompanied by symptoms of great...
Test Anxiety

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Anxiety Many students feel great anxiety when it's time to take an exam. The heart...
Combat Fear and Anxiety

How to Combat Fear and Anxiety

Combat Fear and Anxiety Everyone feels fear or anxiety at some point, without necessarily being a psychological disorder, but...
That it's a silent heart attack

This type of heart attack can cause scarring of the heart muscle.

That it's a silent heart attack A silent heart attack, which affects one in five people with a heart...
How to Regulate Blood Pressure

How to Regulate Blood Pressure with Home Remedies

How to Regulate Blood Pressure One of the biggest medical concerns is hypertension, which increases the risk of cardiovascular...
How to fight anemia

How to fight anemia with natural remedies

How to fight anemia Anemia may be due to a lack of iron, vitamin B12, or folic acid....

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