Causes of Abdominal Inflammation and Home Remedies for Avoiding It

Causes of Abdominal Inflammation

I’m sure that sometimes you’ve noticed abdominal swelling or inflammation. It’s a very uncomfortable situation because our bellies swell and can cause discomfort.

This can happen for different reasons, such as not chewing well, following a diet rich in ‘bad’ fats or gases.

Causes of Abdominal Inflammation

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Abdominal swelling can lead to more serious consequences and can also occur as a symptom of other diseases. Know the causes of why we have inflammation of the abdomen.

Why the abdomen becomes inflamed


One of the causes of this condition is allergies or intolerances to certain foods such as gluten or lactose. This often leads to the accumulation of gases. It is important to go to the specialist so that he gives us a diet made to measure and we can avoid these discomforts.

Eating fast and not chewing food well

They’re usually the main cause of abdominal swelling. As important as eating properly is to eat slowly and chewing well, if not the meals can make us feel something wrong.

Do not eat foods with fiber

Many people who have this problem tend to eat processed foods and an unbalanced diet. If we eat better and those foods that youin fiber then our digestion will be regulated and the swelling of the abdomen will decrease. Besides, it will be easier to get a flat belly in less time.

Living an unhealthy lifestyle

Eating fats and processed foods can increase abdominal swelling. It’s best to live a much healthier lifestyle, eating fruits, fish and vegetables, and exercising several days a week.

Symptom of other diseases

The development of some diseases also causes abdominal swelling. Specifically, we are referring to pancreatitis, diverticulitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, appendicitis, cirrhosis, cardiovascular diseases and tumors, among others. It is very important that any change in the body we go to the specialist.

Premenstrual syndrome

It is quite normal for the breasts and abdomen to be swollen and swollen before menstruation. There are remedies to prevent it, especially to reduce pain.

Home Remedies to Eliminate Abdominal Swelling

Abdominal swelling is a common problem, but it cannot become an everyday problem because it is not normal.

Avoiding heavy or spicy foods, eating in a moderate and healthy way, exercising, increasing foods with a lot of fiber, consulting our dietitian, hydrating properly and drinking a lot of water can avoid this problem to a great extent.

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