Causes of Tingling in Hands and Feet: Health Tips

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  1. Causes of Tingling in Hands
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Causes of Tingling in Hands

Many different problems, some of them grave, can cause tingling in the extremities, but the majority are treatable. To obtain an accurate diagnosis you must go through a physical examination, but we will mention some common causes.

The tingling in only one side can signal a problem in the brain or in spinal marrow, possibly caused by a spill, although in general, it comes with other symptoms, such as numbness, weakness or difficulty forming words

Tingling in Hands

Try to breathe deeply: take air for a few seconds slowly and expúlsalo without haste so that your body relaxes slowly while you expel it.

Multiple sclerosis could be another factor, but in general, it starts with a blurred vision.

A more common reason would be sleeping in an uncomfortable position that compresses the nerves of the arms or the legs.

If the tickling is only in the hands, the most probable cause is carpal tunnel syndrome, and if it also comes with a rash, the problem could be a viral infection.

When the tingling presents itself in different areas, it is most probably caused by diabetes. So, even if it has not been previously diagnosed, the symptoms are something that you should talk to your doctor about.

Another common cause is a vitamin deficiency, specifically B12. There is little data about this, but normally we find low levels of this in such patients, especially in women over 40.

This vitamin is found in large measure in meat, fish, and dairy products and it is essential for the health of the brain and nerves.

Your doctor can do a blood test to check your levels, explain how to get more of the vitamin in your diet and recommend a supplement if it is necessary.

It is recommended that you keep a diary to record the days and times when you notice the symptoms.

You might find that you experience a tickling sensation when you sleep face up or after consuming alcohol.

Keeping a diary is a good way to see if there are recurring triggering factors and it can help your doctor give you an adequate diagnosis.

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