How to change the pot plant step by step

Changing the pot plant is a task that we must do as accurately as possible to improve their health and growth. Create that perfect garden you dreamed of by following these simple steps.

To change the plant of flowerpot is a task that we will have to do of regular form following with the correct growth of this element.

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Although it may seem like a simple procedure without the correct instructions we can do a lot of damage to our favorite plant.

Knowing how to extract the plant and prepare it for a change that, although necessary, may cause some problems, will allow us to achieve undisputed success in this task.

Dare to take care of the plants in your house, provide the space they need or create a small space full of color and joy, discover how to change the pot plant in the best possible conditions.

Steps to change the pot plant

To make a change of flowerpot must entail to have more space for the plant, we will choose a flowerpot that is greater. We will take care that it is not too big, the plant develops largely downwards rather than upwards, a factor that we will take into account when choosing a pot.

All pots must have drainage holes, some do not have them open, we will make sure they are in perfect condition before moving the plant from place. The water must be able to come out otherwise it could spoil the roots and choke the plant.

We follow the process, cleaning the flowerpot correctly, if it is a reused flowerpot it can contain some negative elements that we will eliminate with a good disinfectant.

If we use a pot of terracotta we will submerge it in water the night before, in this way it will be hydrated and it will not be nourished of the water that the plant will need in these first moments.

We cover the drainage holes with a little absorbent paper so that the soil does not escape, but let the water pass through. We place the soil, without filling it too much, the plant will grow downwards, so it is not necessary to separate too much from the bottom.

We water the plant before transplanting to make the soil easier to remove. Prune the root ball to make way for the new roots that will grow stronger in the new pot. We untangle the roots so that they can have greater contact with the soil.

We place the plant and fill the pot. When it is perfectly installed with compact earth around it, we press a little so that it fuses better in its new element, we will proceed to water it.

We’ll have the pot change process completed. We will have been able to promote the growth of the plant in an easy and simple way, to know a little more this task will help us to take care of our small garden much better.

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