Changing your Gmail address

Gmail: change the email address associated with your account

If for any reason you want to change your Gmail address, follow these steps

Changing your Gmail address

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When he first chose his Gmail address, there was nothing to suggest that he would use it years later and that it would become his primary means of communication, not only for sending emails but also for using Youtube, or any other Google service.

The name, which seemed right to him at the time, may no longer correspond to the person he is today.

You want to change it to match your new marital status, because you hate the numbers generated after your name because you were the 7,000th Christian Martin to register, or because you realized that

That was fine when you were at the soccer club, but it’s not appropriate for your position as communications manager.

You’re probably wondering if it’s possible to change the name of your Gmail address. The answer is no, but we’ll show you how to avoid it.

Change the Gmail address on your computer and smartphone

Google says that in some cases you can change your username (the part before, but this is unlikely.

To find out, you must go to your Google account. The process differs depending on the type of device used.

Change your Gmail address from a computer, Android and iPhone

On a PC, open Gmail, then in the upper right corner, click on your profile and select Manage your Google Account.

On the left, click on Personal Information, at the bottom in the Contact Information section, click on your email address.

For Android users, you must go to Settings → Google → Manage your Google account. In the Personal Information tab, go to Contact Information → Email address.

For iPhone users, open the Gmail application, touch the three lines and go to Settings → [your account] Manage your account Personal information. Then under Contact information, go to Email address.

In the email address section of your Google account, you will see your current address.

If you have the ability to click on it, then you are allowed to change the settings, but it is unlikely that you will be able to

On your smartphone or computer, after the Email Address step, select the Advanced option, you will get what is called secondary email addresses.

These allow you to create non-email accounts – and are used to access your account.

Another way is with some of the Google Play Apps or in the App Store.

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