How to check the RAM speed

Check RAM speed

If you are looking to diagnose a problem or perform an upgrade, it is essential to know how RAM works.

The random access memory (RAM) is one of the most important components of your computer, it is responsible for loading and running all the software you use.

RAM speed

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How much RAM does your computer have?

To find out how much RAM your computer has, simply use the native Windows program, the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

To do this, press the Windows + R keys, the Run command opens.

In the field, type dxdiag, and then click OK. Likewise in the new window that opens, you will see the amount of RAM on your PC indicated in front of Memory. In our case, it is Ram 8192MB.

How much RAM does your computer have?

It is difficult to realize how fast RAM can be. To find out, we advise you to use a free third-party program such as CPU-Z.

Install the CPU-Z on your computer, it will scan your system and provide you with a lot of information about it, including your RAM speed.

To find all the data in RAM, click on the Memory tab. We are particularly interested in the DRAM frequency.

As you can see in our screenshot, the RAM of our computer has a frequency of 1064.6 MHz.

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