How to Control Children’s Internet Surfing

Internet Surfing

It is no secret that the Internet is an inexhaustible source of resources, especially because of the wide opportunities it offers when it comes to searching for all kinds of content.

Children's Internet Surfing

It can even be an excellent way for children to access interactive sites and develop their intellectual abilities.

However, the web is also full of places that are not appropriate for younger children, so it is very necessary to know how to control children’s Internet surfing.

Although many people prefer children not to have access to the Internet, today’s different needs and freedoms sometimes do not allow such limitations.

Fortunately, there are projects and programs that help control Internet access, allowing parents to decide which sites their children can visit and which they can’t visit.

Preventing children’s access to inappropriate sites

On this occasion, we will talk about a useful tool that helps create a child protection system, Norton Online Family, belonging to a company that for several years has been responsible for computer security in millions of homes around the world through its various tools.

Norton Online Family is a system that allows you to install an application on the computer, which through the use of an account for the parent and another for the child, offers the possibility of assigning the corresponding permissions to parents and children according to the established profile.

Thanks to this type of tool, it is possible to rely on safe navigation for the smallest of the house.

The first step in controlling children’s Internet browsing is to access the official website and log in or create an account in the manner indicated on the appropriate form.

If you create an account, simply enter your name and a valid email address, as there will be alerts detected in case a child accesses illegal pages, among other data.

The next step is to set up your Internet Parental Controls account. The form is very intuitive, so you can enter the child’s name and choose an image that reminds you of him; select his age and conclude with the creation of a parental account.

If you want to control the Internet browsing of more children, click on Add Child.

Next you can download Norton Safety Minder, which will be responsible for managing the control of minors on the Internet.

In this case, you must install the tool on all computers that will be available to children. When you install Norton Safety Minder, the wizard will guide you through the process and ask you for a series of details to confirm that you are the adult and that you know the account details.

Now you must take an important step, especially if you want to monitor different children using the same computer.

To do this, you must create a user account for each one. The tool wizard will ask you to assign each child’s profile to the user account that corresponds to each one.

From this point you can monitor everything your children do on the Internet. Of course, you will have to configure the services you want to monitor, and the processes you add to parental control on the Internet.

It should be noted that one of the features offered by Norton Online Family is that it can send an e-mail to your email or text message to your mobile whenever an alert arises of activity not allowed by the child on the Internet.

Before ending, we must say that Norton Online Family has a free version that gives you the ability to manage the activity of your children easily.

However, this version does not save the reports for more than 7 days; although a premium version with different added functions is also available.

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