How to Clean Aluminum easily

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Clean Aluminum

The anodising effect is achieved when the oxidation of the aluminium obtains a thickness and a surface that protects the material in such circumstances.

Cleaning anodized aluminum is easy and convenient.

How to Clean Aluminum

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Steps to follow:

1. There are a series of products in the market, of different brands, that help to feed the anodized aluminum. See which one goes best for the product you want to clean and get it.

2. Warm water and soap are the two most advisable elements for cleaning anodized aluminum. You'll be able to do it at home with ease.

3. Lemon and bicarbonate, another solution that will help you clean the anodized aluminum. When the mixture of both elements begins to react, it is time to apply.

4. It is also possible to use a glass cleaning product. You can use it to improve and clean the anodized aluminum.


  • Ask a professional which products are best for each specific case.
  • Do not apply any substance to anodized aluminum.

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