How to clean bronze

Clean bronze

Surely your home has some bronze object, such as decorative items or antiques. With time they get dirty and lose their natural shine and if we let it pass and let it accumulate, we can damage objects and even make them lose their properties.

To do this, take note of this series of tips that will help you know how to clean bronze.

How to clean bronze

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Steps to follow:

1. Look in a specialised centre for a special product to clean bronze. There are many in the market and at a very good price. It’s the quickest and easiest way, but ask a professional to help you.
2. Warm white wine is the best solution for dirty bronze objects. Introduce them and let them rest for a few minutes, you will see how all the dirt falls directly.
3. if you want to recover the shine of your bronze object, bicarbonate and lemon is the best mixture. Make a mixture with a little warm water and apply it on your object. You’ll get shiny results right away.
4. Vinegar, water and salt, almost miraculous ingredients that will help you keep as the first day your bronze objects. Make a mixture with these ingredients and apply them with a dry cloth.
5. Neutral soap and water. A great solution for cleaning metals, also applicable to your bronze objects.
6. Mix in a bowl lemon, vinegar, ammonia and water. With the result you will be able to make your bronze objects lose their dust and recover their shine. Soak for about 5 minutes and then dry with a soft cloth.

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In addition, you can find free tips apps from Google Play or in the App Store.

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