How to Clean Leather Car Seats: Home Remedies and Tricks

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How to Shine Leather Seats

Most people buy commercial bottles with chemicals that could change the color and texture of leather seats with these materials.

In this publication, I will give you some tips on home remedies without it being expensive for your pocket.

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It is a good habit to vacuum the leather chair incorporating a soft brush as an aid.

Leather upholstery is very difficult to clean, especially when it comes to dirt that gets impregnated in the seats. These stains are more noticeable when they are light seats than dark ones.

When the seats lose their shine it is due to a lack of nutrition in the leather, that is to say, it needs to be cleaned and conditioned.


Home remedies

  1. Use a few drops of Olive Oil on a plush rag. Rub the stains on the leather seat. This facilitates the removal of dust and greasy stains and also gives the seat a lot of shine.
  2. You can use a small amount of Bath Oil on a soft cloth to clean the seats, dashboard, armrests, as well as a polish with a clean cloth to remove any excess oil. As an added benefit, a scented bath oil will make the interior of the car smell better.
  3. Another remedy is to make a mixture in equal amounts of vinegar and lance oil. White vinegar for light leather furniture and cider vinegar for dark sofas.
  4. In order to prevent the sofas from coming out cracks. Apply a few drops of castor oil on a cloth and polish all over the leather. Do this homemade trick twice a year.

An evil person is like a dirty window, never lets shine.
William Makepeace Thackeray

Best Tips

To leave the skin of cars as out of the agency. Use pumpkin soap, a brush, and a microfiber cloth to remove the excess.

I recommend before performing this procedure, vacuum the surfaces perfectly, then rub as when shoes are polished and left clean and moisturized.

Never use

  1. The only thing that Nivea cream does is to end up cracking the leather, as this product does not nourish the leather of our seats.
  2. Never use makeup remover wipes or baby wipes as these could cause your furniture to lose its shine and damage it over time.
  3. Also, it is not good to use the Armor All for the seats, it is only temporary the shine.
  4. Do not wipe with water, small drops can seep in and crack the skin.

Best Interior Detailing Tricks: Leather and Plastics

The 3 different approaches to leather cleaning. The 3 techniques are "options" that might work for whatever car (based on condition, age, material, etc) you are working with.

These are simply techniques, options, or "suggestions" of how I would ASSESS the current condition, then TEST each approach on the material. Please use caution on any interior surface when you're restoring its condition. (In this case, its modern leather)

Additional Information:

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