How to Clean limescale Mirrors

Limescale Mirrors

These tips or tricks to clean mirrors are undoubtedly ideal when you have very dirty mirrors and it is required yes or yes, to have some remedies or tricks within reach to leave them effectively, clean.

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Bright for a long time and may disappear those ugly grease stains or those splashes or traces of drops that do somehow, that the mirrors do not look properly and project a careless image.

That’s why in Practical Resources we want to offer you, next, a range of ways to clean mirrors and remove marks, scratches or in short, dirt from the mirrors and look bright or radiant.

Mirror Cleaning Tips

Next, we leave with you 7 household tricks to remove stains from mirrors with natural remedies or things that can be found in a house to do so and so, not require cleaning products that sometimes, are not a good solution or alternative to clean very dirty mirrors and leave them shiny.

These mirror-cleaning tricks can be perfect for you, check them out.

White vinegar

A trick or advice to be able to clean mirrors without leaving traces is to do it simply, with the wonderful white vinegar and that we have already mentioned before for these effects but, the good things are worth repeating them.

Then, to develop this trick you should add in a spray bottle a part of water and another part of white vinegar and then generously spray it on the mirror and after a few minutes, take a wrinkled newspaper and proceed to remove or remove the dirt and voila, it will be clean, spotless and also shiny.

By the way, it should be noted that the white vinegar peculiarly does not attract the powder thus lasting, much longer clean time. As an additional piece of information, if you want the brightest mirror, add lemon juice to the mixture and you will have shiny mirrors.

Warm water

One of the simple tricks to clean mirrors that is most used for its effectiveness is just to do a cleaning with water that this tibia and to do this, you need to fill with warm water a spray boat and spray on the entire surface of the mirror, wait a couple of minutes and then, take a wrinkled newspaper, absorbent kitchen paper or a rag that does not thread and wipe the whole mirror and with it, you can remove or remove dirt from the mirror and this, thanks to the heat of warm water that softens the dirt stuck or adhered to the mirror.

Liquid Detergent

Another alternative to cleaning stained mirrors is to use a liquid detergent. To do this, just add in a bottle with atomized enough water and a little liquid detergent and spray it on the surface of the mirror and then with a sponge rubbed, rinsed and passed again to remove the stains from the mirror and finally, will take some newspaper wrinkled or cloth that does not lint and dried leaving shiny. Of course, it’s a very easy way to do and practical enough to clean mirrors.

Black Tea

An interesting way to clean very dirty mirrors and leave them shiny is to use black tea. Well, to make use of this homemade trick you should place in a glass or cup 3 of these bags of black tea and add boiled water and then, when you have the infusion or tea then, you will put in some spray bottle and you will go to spray on the surface of the mirror creating a real film of black tea on it and then, pass the daily paper and remove the dirt and stains, they will be surprisingly shiny.

Sometimes two or more applications of black tea will be required to improve the results or if the mirrors are very dirty.


Another home-made solution to eliminate oiliness in mirrors caused by make-up products or to clean slightly greasy mirrors or with fingerprints is just alcohol.

To do so, it will be enough to take a cotton cloth or cotton ball and moisten it with alcohol and then, pass it neatly through those areas or areas where these stains or dirt can be appreciated and they will be able to see that they come out or disappear from the mirror.

Ammonia, alcohol, and glycerin

If you want to clean mirrors that have grease stains then ammonia, alcohol and glycerin can be of great help for this purpose.

You should make (protecting your hands) a mixture containing a part of water, one of ammonia and another part of alcohol and then add 1 teaspoon of liquid glycerin and all that, put in a jar with pulverized and spray on the greasy mirror to finally take a newspaper or rag that does not fuzz and pass it in detail and thus have a mirror free of grease stains.

Alcohol, ammonia and vinegar

If the mirror dirt is largely caused by nicotine or cigarette smoke then this solution is ideal for it.

You should make a mixture with about two cups of alcohol, half a cup of ammonia and three to five tablespoons of white vinegar and put in a jar with spray and apply in the mirror or, you can use a sponge (taking care of your hands) and have a good time then, let act in a few minutes and finally, remove and clean with a wrinkled newspaper with it, can remove nicotine stains from a mirror.

Finally, these tricks to clean mirrors are easy to perform and allow to a large extent, remove various stains or marks, leaving the mirrors clean and bright projecting cleanliness and a neat or neat image of the place.

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