How to clean the inside of the washer

What do you need to wash inside your washing machine?

  1. Vinegar
  2. Bleach
  3. Hot water
  4. A cloth
How to clean the inside of the washer
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How to clean the washing machine drum?

As we told you in previous posts, vinegar is not only used to dress the salad. Absorbs odors like no one else and not only that, but kills all bacteria with one stroke.

So, to leave your washing machine cleaner than Buckingham Palace, white vinegar can become your great ally.

Add half a cup of vinegar in the detergent compartment and select a wash cycle at a temperature of 30°C or higher. Bye bye bacteria.

How to clean the filter of the washing machine?

The filter of the washing machine is the place where the remains of detergent, lint and other types of Unidentified Flying Objects (Flying) that were in the pockets of your pants and forgot to empty. To avoid clogging the drain we have to roll up our sleeves and empty the filter completely.

To clean it, the first step is to find it. This is usually found inside the drum of our washing machine.

But before we begin our exhaustive research, it’s a good idea to do an emptying cycle (to prevent this task from becoming an impromptu foam party) and then disconnect the washer from the light. We don’t want scares.

Once located, we loosen the cap, remove the filter and remove all accumulated debris. Then we left everything as we had found it and, clean filter!

IMPORTANT!!! Remember to close it tightly and leave it as you found it.

How to clean the rubber of the washing machine?

The rubber of the washing machine is usually the place where most dirt accumulates. Wow, the bite from the washing machines. Luckily, cleaning it won’t take long.

We’ll just have to pull the rubber out (but not remove it entirely) and rub it with a cloth with detergent or bleach until it’s brighter than the sun itself. Finally, we remove the excess detergent or bleach with a dry towel. And that’s it!

How to clean the soap and softener compartments?

Finally, and to finish off the work, we will need to clean the compartments of soap and softener. Just take them out and immerse them in white vinegar for 5 minutes.

Then we rinse them and dry them well, and they will be ready to go. If they are not removable, apply the vinegar with a scouring pad and rinse later. Easy.

It wasn’t that bad, was it? Now you have no excuse to leave your washing machine spotless. And if you also need tips for making the perfect laundry, stop by this post and become the laundry king.

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