How to Clean Your Hair Straightener

Clean Your Hair Straightener

The iron for hair is very useful if you want to get your hair straightened, however, its constant use causes the plates to get dirty.

Over time the ceramic plates found on the irons tend to become soiled by the accumulation of hair products, powder and oils from the scalp.

Clean Your Hair Straightener
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This combination causes it not to glide well through the hair, which is why we explain how to clean it to work properly.

-Before cleaning your flat iron you must take into account that the products you use such as conditioner, shampoo, treatments, gel, styling creams, fixatives, among others, get stuck in it. That’s why it’s important to clean it after use, this way you avoid residues.

-When you go to clean the iron should be completely cold and disconnected, to avoid burning. You will need cotton, alcohol and a soft cloth.

-Take the cotton and moisten it with alcohol, wipe it over the surface and all the edges. Clean the small slots with a cotton swab. When you finish drying the liquid with a cloth, it should be very soft so that the plates are not scratched.

-If the residues are very sticky you can use a toothbrush with alcohol or a mixture of liquid soap and water. Pass the brush through the dirty places until they are erased.

-And finally, wipe the cotton wool soaked in alcohol to remove the remains, then dry with a soft cloth.

-It is important to avoid using rustic materials to clean hair straighteners, as this will only cause the plates to wear out and generate scratches.

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