6 Tips from Grandma on Cleaning a Vacuum

No vacuum cleaner is self-cleaning, not even the ultra-modern bagless models.

To increase your performance and keep the house healthy, a vacuum cleaner can be cleaned from time to time!

Cleaning a Vacuum

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And there's no need to invest in high-tech gadgets, our grandmothers already knew how to do it.

1. Disassemble the vacuum cleaner before cleaning it.

In our grandmothers' time, we disassembled things, repaired them, reassembled them. The same for cleaning the vacuum cleaner, before attacking, we disassemble everything that can be dismantled!

No need to look for a screwdriver, we will tell you the nested or cut out parts: undo the brush, unhook the hose, remove the bag, etc.. And we advise you, by the way, to do it outside or in a room that has not been cleaned yet.

2. Empty the trash can or change the vacuum bag.

And we don't wait for the light to come on or for the engine to sizzle!

A nearly full vacuum bag or tray makes it difficult to change the vacuum cleaner, since a good amount of dust will inevitably escape when handling it.

This is partly because they reduce the suction power of the device and therefore its performance.

Therefore, we act preventively, emptying the containers as often as possible and changing the bag as soon as it is three-quarters full.

3. Clean or change filters

Even the most basic vacuum cleaner has at least one filter to protect its engine, preventing even the finest particles from slipping.

Competitive models, on the other hand, can have two or three filters to capture more particles and allergens, improving air quality in the process.

Does it capture it? After a while, the dust clogs the filters, reducing the performance of the unit, damaging the engine... ...and releasing particles into the air with every handling.

To clean a vacuum cleaner, we thought of cleaning the filters.

Depending on the model of the vacuum cleaner, we shake them out, vacuum them with a handheld vacuum cleaner, wash them even with hot water for some... or simply change them. And like grandmother, we refer to the instructions for use to choose the right option.

4. Clean the brush and the wheels of the vacuum cleaner.

The problem with the brush is that it picks up dust, hair, threads and pile. That ends up clogging or covering the hoses and getting tangled in the wheels of the vacuum cleaner.

What girl with long hair doesn't know the problem?

The good news is that the solution only requires a little patience: you can use a pair of scissors or a quick cutter and remove anything that gets stuck, either in the bristles of the brush or between the wheels of the vacuum cleaner.

5. Dust the vacuum cleaner

Need we remind you that a vacuum cleaner vacuums up everywhere in the house, even in the darkest and dirtiest corners?

You can imagine what it picks up, especially since it is not immune to bacteria and the dust that is deposited on it.

To clean a vacuum cleaner, use a microfiber cloth that captures the dust without releasing it into the air.

This is done from the hoses to the hose, from the wheels to the empty box. And if necessary, a handheld vacuum cleaner is used to reach the small corners.

6. Disinfect the vacuum cleaner

Dust, dirt, dark corners, the vacuum cleaner is a paradise for bacteria.

To stop the growth of bacteria, dust is supplemented by disinfection from time to time!

A sponge and soapy water may be sufficient for regular maintenance. But to clean the appliance thoroughly, you can go back to Grandma's methods with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.

And you can clean everything, including the brush, before drying it perfectly and putting it back.

You can also find some disinfectants for the general cleaning of these items Amazon,WalMart,Costco,Sams Club,Chedraui,Carrefour, aliexpress,alibaba or MercadoLibre.

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  1. 1. Disassemble the vacuum cleaner before cleaning it.
  2. 2. Empty the trash can or change the vacuum bag.
  3. 3. Clean or change filters
  4. 4. Clean the brush and the wheels of the vacuum cleaner.
  5. 5. Dust the vacuum cleaner
  6. 6. Disinfect the vacuum cleaner
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