Combat greasy hair.

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  1. All the techniques to fight greasy hair
  2. Don't overdo it
  3. The right brush
  4. Don't touch it.
  5. Changing your diet
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All the techniques to fight greasy hair

Why try to camouflage your greasy hair under a hat or headband when you can make it shiny in just a few strokes? Find out tips on how to turn dirty looking greasy hair into silky hair.

greasy hair

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Don't overdo it

You're probably tempted to wash your hair every day to try and keep it fresh and clean, but it's not the best technique. Shampooing irritates the scalp and causes an overproduction of sebum.

As a result, the more you wash your hair, the faster it gets greasy again. Try reducing the number of shampoos to 2 or 3 times a week at a moderate temperature.

Instead, choose purifying products and avoid dry shampoo, mousse, oils, conditioners or any products that can make your hair heavy, advises Reader's digest.

If you insist on applying a mask or moisturizing oil, apply it to the ends and not to the roots.

The right brush

Yes, the hairbrush plays a very important role in the speed of re-oiling your hair.

Dust, dirt and product residues accumulate on our brushes and we rarely think about cleaning or changing them.

If your hair gets greasy again quickly, choose a brush with spaced teeth that won't break the hair scales.

You can also choose a boar bristle brush that helps regulate excess fat. The only drawback: it makes the hair electric. Use it before going to bed so that you don't get disturbed during the day.

Don't touch it.

Touching your hair is an unconscious and very frequent gesture.

But it has the disadvantage that it gets dirty and heavy by transferring the oil present in our skin directly to the hair. Get rid of this bad habit of keeping your hair clean longer.

Changing your diet

We can change the look of our hair by acting from the inside, with the food we eat every day as it influences the production of sebum.

By favouring a light food, without too much sugar or too much fat, and above all without frying, you will notice a direct improvement.

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