WhatsApp: How to send and save a complete chat


This tutorial will allow you to never lose important chat data.

WhatsApp chat

There’s a trick to sending and saving a full WhatsApp chat. The feature allows you to store conversations and even attach as many pictures, videos, and other shared content as you want in your chats.

All of your WhatsApp messages are automatically saved to your device’s memory, but if you wish, you can also save them periodically in the cloud.

Steps to send and save a full WhatsApp chat

Backing up or capturing a conversation is another way to keep your chats, but all your pictures and videos will also be added.

If you send an email conversation to a person, or yourself, you will have it forever in your files.

The quickest and easiest way to make a copy of WhatsApp’s entire chat, especially if it’s extensive, is to use a feature that goes unnoticed, “Send chat by mail.

Step by step to save a full Whatsapp chat

  1. Go to the conversation you want to save, click Menu and then select the “More” option.
  2. There you will see the menu with the option “Send chat by mail”, which will save all the chat in a single file.
  3. If the chat includes photos and videos, you can also decide what to do with them. You will see a window with two more options: “Attach files” and “No files”.
  4. If you also want to send the images you will have to check the option “Attach files”, and if you want to send only the text, the option “No files”.
  5. Finally, your mobile’s default mail application will open, with the text file with the conversation and images, if you attached them.
  6. Now, you can choose to send someone, yourself or leave it in Drafts for later reference.

WhatsApp has many features that users can take advantage of, several of which are not highly promoted, such as being able to save a full chat, in a few steps and without resorting to third-party tools.

While the instant messaging company works on a function to limit screenshots, the perfect method to save a full chat is to email the files you want: text, images and videos.

It is a very simple process to carry out, although the options to carry it out are a little hidden. But if you know the application well you will be able to save any whole WhatsApp chat very easily.

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