How to Connect to WhatsApp WITHOUT BEING SEEN

Currently, WhatsApp lets your contacts know everything about you. If you're online, the last time you logged in or if you read his messages.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get into WhatsApp without being seen or anyone knowing all this information.


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WhatsApp already has its own functions so you can use the application without your contacts knowing about it. But we also tell you about other third party APPS that help you stay hidden and at the same time spy on other people without them knowing it.

Enter WhatsApp without being seen

If you log in to the WhatsApp application, the time will be logged and will be visible to your contacts. To avoid this, you can deactivate the "Last Time". This way no one will know what time you connected:

  1. On the WhatsApp main screen, tap the menu button and select "Settings.
  2. "Count."
  3. "Privacy."
  4. In Last Hour See, pick "Nobody."
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  1. Enter WhatsApp without being seen
  • How to prevent the citation from appearing in the WhatsApp
  • Application to enter WhatsApp without being seen
    1. Double Seen Hide
    2. StealthApp APK
  • View last WhatsApp connection without connecting
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  • How to prevent the citation from appearing in the WhatsApp

    If you enter to read the pending chats, WhatsApp will warn your contacts by means of popcorn or blue double vision. In order to avoid this double view, deactivate the reading confirmations in a similar way to the previous one:

    Settings > Account > Privacy

    There you deactivate the "Read confirmation" box.

    Application to enter WhatsApp without being seen

    The above solutions have a problem. Although no one will know that you entered WhatsApp or read their messages, you will not know this information from your contacts either. You should deactivate or activate the above options at all times and at your convenience to hide or spy on your contacts.

    The alternative is to leave these features permanently activated and if you want to hide, use the following applications. They allow you to view WhatsApp messages without being seen (and even reply without being seen). Your contacts won't see you online while you read their chats and won't register your last time.

    Please note that none of these applications will alert you when your contacts read your messages.

    Double Seen Hide

    In addition to being able to view your WhatsApp without being seen, it has the great advantage that you can respond from the same application. Most alternatives do not offer this option.

    However, its disadvantage is that chats or conversations appear repeated (at least in my Samsung). If you find this unbearable, you can try Unseen or Shhh.

    These don't have that problem, but you won't be able to answer from them. If Shhh doesn't work for you, make sure you enable their access to notifications (Settings, Applications, Special Access, Access to Notifications).

    StealthApp APK

    The interesting thing about this app is that, besides being able to read WhatsApp messages without being seen, you can deactivate the original WhatsApp notifications and generate alternative notifications in replacement, which can be disguised.

    For example, appearing as a full memory notification.

    You can't answer from this app either, unfortunately.

    Note: For these apps to work properly, make sure you have the read confirmation enabled in your WhatsApp.

    View last WhatsApp connection without connecting

    We already said that you can deactivate the Last Connection Time in WhatsApp. So you won't be seen when you come in. However, you won't be able to see the last connection of your contacts either.

    In order to see someone else's last WhatsApp connection without having to connect, you'll need a spy application like Onlog.

    Onlog alerts you when a contact connects to WhatsApp, disconnects, usage time and connection history, with precise date and time.

    All you need to do is enter the contact's phone number and the app will start alerting you and registering its activity.

    It works independently, so you won't even need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone.

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